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The use of vitamins to fortify foods is to improve and improve the nutritional value of foods(sugar bear vitamins amazon). Therefore, the method of addition is mainly based on the processing methods of the added foods and the most suitable way of preserving vitamins. Vitamins can be added to raw materials, most of which are fortified foods added by certain national laws.

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For example, in order to prevent beriberi, vitamin B and vitamin D are added to maintain the minimum health of the national population.Rice is the main food of people in many countries and regions(sugar bear hair manufacturer). In some countries, pre-made rice is mixed into ordinary rice in a certain proportion and sold to residents.(sugarbearhair for men groupon uae)

This kind of fortified rice is made of granules similar to rice with a fortifier such as vitamins and starch, and then mixed with ordinary rice at a ratio of 1:200(sugar bear hair company). Some are to try to absorb the intensifier from the rice, or apply it to the outer layer of rice to increase its vitamin content. Western countries often add vitamins and other ingredients to the flour to ensure that there are enough nutrients in the bread food.

The method of addition is generally to first form a very high base material, and then mix the base material with the flour in proportion, including spray method and direct mixing method(sugar bear hair new york). The spray method is to mix various fortifiers with water, then mix them with the flour and spray dry together.(sugarbearhair for men groupon uae)

In the direct mixing method, a plurality of reinforcing agents are first mixed with starch to form a base material, and then sieved, and the base material is uniformly mixed with the flour in a certain ratio to obtain the desired fortified flour(cheap sugar bear hair). Noodles also occupy an important position in the flour food, and residents in the north and south of China like to eat noodles.

The fortification method of corn flour is basically similar to that of flour, that is, the corn is ground into a coarse powder, and a vitamin and the like are sprayed on a part of the coarse powder(sugarbear hair vitamins south africa), and then preliminary dried, and then the corn protein, rosin acid, palmitic acid are rolled on the outside.(sugarbearhair for men groupon uae)

The aqueous solution is dried again to form a protective film. This can resist moisture; tasteless, odorless, and enzymes do not work, add water to boil when eating, you can disintegrate(sugarbear hair vitamins price). This kind of fortified corn flour can be eaten by mixing it with ordinary corn flour in hundreds of times. Adding vitamins during processing is the most common method.

Such as bread, noodles, canned and powdered fortified baby food, canned juice and juice powder, various canned foods, margarine, various confectionery and so on(sugarbearhair dubai). The vitamin fortifier in the bread can be added directly to the dough, or dissolved in an appropriate amount of water, kneaded and baked.(sugarbearhair for men groupon uae)

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