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Instant noodles are very popular in China's market, and we should consider adding enough vitamins to meet the needs of consumers(sugarbearhair usa). The process conditions, intensive dosage and addition time in the food processing process are very important, because the light, heat, metal containers and the like in the processing process are easy to destroy vitamins, such as vitamin C, which often loses more than half after being baked at a high temperature.

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Vitamins can also be added to the finished product. This method can reduce the damage loss of vitamins during processing and processing of raw materials before processing(sugar bear hair vitamins price). For example, the production of milk powder, mother emulsified milk powder, compressed food, etc., are mixed in the powdered finished product. However, this method is not applicable to all foods and is restricted, such as canned foods and certain confectionery.(sugar bear hair vitamins company nz)

If the noodles are directly made from reinforced flour, the loss of vitamins B1 and B2 can reach more than 30% after boiling with water. Paying full attention to these conditions can minimize losses and receive better results(gummy bear hair vitamins uk). There is now a way to add vitamins to the middle of the noodles, which can greatly increase the vitamin preservation rate. According to the study, 135 IU of vitamin D can be obtained after every liter of milk. 

The raw materials for strengthening vitamins may be artificially synthesized, or simple vitamin preparations and multivitamin preparations extracted from natural products, or may be directly added by extracting concentrated liquid, dry powder, crude products, etc(sugar bear hair manufacturer). containing a certain vitamin-rich food resource In food. The use of certain microbial fermentations allows biochemical conversion of other substances in food to related vitamins.(sugar bear hair vitamins company nz)

For example, some foods contain vitamin D, which can be converted to vitamin D after exposure to ultraviolet light, and is directly used by the human body(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins). Like ergosterol, which is present in milk, it is converted into vitamin D by irradiation with an ultraviolet generating device such as a quartz mercury lamp to increase its vitamin D content. Raw bean sprouts also multiply many vitamins and increase the nutritional value of the food. 

For example, in the fermentation process, soy products form vitamin B12, and other vitamins also increase. For example, after the ergosterol in the yeast is treated by the above method, vitamin D can be contained per gram of cells, and 50,000 international units or more(cheap sugar bear hair). Changing or transforming the chemical composition of a food by physical or biological means can also be considered as a method of fortifying vitamins.(sugar bear hair vitamins company nz)

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