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It is worth noting that in recent years, many wild fruits have been developed at home and abroad to supplement vitamin C, such as wild rose hips in the United Kingdom and black spike-shaped gooseberries in Russia(buy sugar bear hair vitamins). China has also carried out large-scale development research on wild fruits such as kiwi, thorn pear and sea buckthorn.

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The deepened prickly pear juice and seabuckthorn juice have become good raw materials for vitamin C in various foods and drinks. Vitamin B can be extracted from yeast, cereal germs, alfalfa and beans, and then added to foods that are prone to loss of vitamin B(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins). At present, it is possible to mass-produce pure thiamine (ie, vitamin B1) hydrochloride by artificial synthesis, and apply it to fortified foods.

(sugar bear hair vitamins for men italia)Yeast, rice bran and malt can be used as supplementary sources(sugarbearhair wholesale). Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is generally low in plant foods except for beans. At present, artificial biosynthetic fermentation and chemical synthesis are used in the industry to produce vitamin B2 for addition to food. The fermentation method has low cost and high output, and is widely used in the world.

China also adopts microbial fermentation methods for large-scale industrial production, and also uses the waste materials of the food factory itself to cultivate microorganisms for small-scale production of solid fermentation(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Such as bean dregs, millet, wheat bran, germ, etc. are all good raw materials.

Although niacin is widely distributed in food, most of the cereals exist in a combined form, rather than in a free form, especially in corn, so they cannot be used by the human body(sugar bear hair online). Hydrolysis of the grain with a dilute alkali can decompose the bound nicotinic acid into a free form and improve the utilization rate.(sugar bear hair vitamins for men italia)

There are also synthetic niacin and nicotinamide, but the cost is higher, and it is not common for the application of fortifiers. It is more common in British mixed bread and flour Vitamin B(sugarbearhair cheap). The three chemical forms (ie pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamide) can be synthesized and industrially produced by hand, but are not widely used as food fortifiers.

Pantoic acid fortifiers are mainly synthetic calcium and sodium pantothenate or panthenol. Because it promotes the use of other B vitamins, especially with vitamin B2, it is more common in some fortified foods, especially for children's food(sugarbearhair europe). Supplementary sources of biotin are yeast, dehydrated eucalyptus powder, and synthetic biotin.(sugar bear hair vitamins for men italia)

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