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Many foods are lost more or less during processing(sugar bear hair vitamins philippines). In addition, in the storage, transportation, cooking and other links will also cause different losses of vitamins and other nutrients. In order to ensure the body's need for these nutrients, not to suffer from lack of disease, it is necessary to strengthen certain types of foods.

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By adding vitamins to foods, the nutritional value of foods can be maintained and improved, which is beneficial to the dietary balance of the human body(sugar bear hair lazada). To promote good health. Due to different eating angles and different food objects, there are many types of vitamin fortified foods. The main categories are as follows.(sugar bear hair women's multivitamin wholesale)

Fortified staple foods include rice, flour and corn flour. Rice is the main food of the residents of southern China. The vitamins B1, B, etc. are easily lost during the processing of rice(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Some people have determined the vitamin retention in flour with different flour extraction rates, and found that the finer the processing, the more vitamin loss.

Taking vitamin B as an example, when the powder is 90%, only when the vitamin B14% powder loss rate is 80%, the vitamin B is lost 110%. As the powder yield is further reduced, the degree of vitamin B1 loss is sharply increased(sugar bear hair italia). At the powder rates of 70%, 60%, 50% and 40%, the loss of vitamin B1 reached 76%, 90%, 94% and 97%, respectively.

Therefore, rice has been strengthened in many countries. The first country to strengthen rice was the Philippines, which began in 1948, which has achieved remarkable results in combating local beriberi(sugar bear hair vitamins italia). Subsequently, Sri Lanka, Japan, Cuba, Colombia, the United States and other countries have adopted. In addition to vitamin B1, B2, niacin and iron, some countries also add vitamins A and D.

(sugar bear hair women's multivitamin wholesale)Japan and other countries have added several essential amino acids in recent years. Greatly improved the original nutritional value of rice. Flour is also one of the main foods of our residents(cheap sugar bear hair). The method of strengthening the pasta can directly strengthen the flour, stronger than the bread or stronger than the noodles.

Many countries have made mandatory provisions for the supplementation of vitamins in flour. Since the vitamins have different degrees of loss during processing, the higher the accuracy, the greater the loss(sugar bear hair for hair loss). Some countries require supplementation of vitamins B1, B2, niacin, calcium and iron.(sugar bear hair women's multivitamin wholesale)

Some countries also require supplements such as vitamin D, lysine, methionine, dry yeast, soy flour and grain germ. At present, urban and rural residents in China are increasingly inclined to consume white flour and its products(sugarbearhair where to buy). Therefore, the problem of adding vitamins has increasingly attracted attention from relevant parties.

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