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There are many types of fortified foods(sugar bear hair cheap). Fruits, vegetables, and canned foods are severely damaged by vitamin C during processing, and often only remain about 50%. Such foods should strengthen vitamin C to make up for its shortcomings. Vitamins can also be fortified in breads, noodles and other pastas.

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There is a method of fortifying noodles: using a triple noodle strip and rolling it into noodles, sandwiching a layer of vitamin fortifier, so that the loss of vitamins during cooking of noodles is small, such as the residual ratio of vitamin B1(sugarbearhair europe). The general addition method is nearly 1 times higher. Decreased significantly.(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins walmart canada)

Natural vitamins in the diet sometimes fail to meet people's needs(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Some people who work in special occupations and in different physiological conditions have special requirements for vitamins and can also strengthen these vitamins in a targeted manner. In the mountains, cold regions, and ocean voyages, lack of fresh vegetables, the body is prone to vitamin C deficiency.

Such foods have a large loss of vitamins during processing, while military activities consume a lot of physical energy and require more vitamins than usual(sugar bear hair wholesale). This requires the addition of multivitamins to military food. Some workers exposed to harmful substances can reduce and resist the harm of toxic substances to the human body by adding nutrients such as vitamins.(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins walmart canada)

If lead can enter the body through the digestive tract and respiratory tract, causing chronic or acute lead poisoning, if you provide a large amount of food containing vitamin C, you can significantly reduce the chance of lead poisoning(get sugar bear hair vitamins). Some countries require a daily supply of 150 mg of vitamin C and a supply of vitamin B1, B2, protein, phosphorus and calcium to workers exposed to lead.

The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences conducted a group test on a group of workers exposed to lead, supplemented with vitamins B1, B. and vitamin C daily(sugar bear hair wholesale price). After 4 to 7 months, symptoms such as loss of appetite, abdominal pain, bloating, back pain, and back pain were observed. It can be seen that vitamin supplements have a certain protective effect on them.

(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins walmart canada)Other people, such as different physiological conditions and working conditions, also have special requirements for certain vitamins, and the use of vitamin fortified foods can bring benefits to their health(sugar bear hair label). In the dried products of wild rosehip, in addition to 1200-1500 mg of vitamin C per 100 g, there are also carotene, vitamin B2, K and bioflavonoids (vitamin P).

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