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For patients with vitiligo, especially children, parents who are too beloved should not give too much vitamin C tablets to their children. It is timely, scientific and effective to treat vitiligo, instead of thinking about it(sugarbearhair cheap). It can be seen that vitamin C affects melanin production from multiple pathways, and factors that induce or aggravate vitiligo cannot be underestimated.

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Indiscriminately taking drugs, experts reminded: Now there are some "stunned doctors" in the industry and even jokes about the lives of patients(sugarbearhair wholesale). A lot of vitamin C is used to treat vitiligo. There is no scientific basis for this method. Vitiligo susceptible or copper oxidase activity is low, long-term, excessive application of vitamin C may occur vitiligo.(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins lazada)

Therefore, the treatment of vitiligo must choose the professional authority for the treatment of vitiligo(sugar bear hair usa). When identifying hospitals is good or not, patients with vitiligo may take a little more time to understand and consider from the aspects of patient reputation, hospital strength, and media evaluation. The mechanism by which vitamin C induces or aggravates vitiligo:

1. Vitamin C can rapidly reduce the synthesis of melanin, dopaquinone, into dopa, thus blocking the biosynthesis process of melanin(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Vitamin C not only inhibits the absorption of copper ions by intestinal mucosa, but also reduces the activity of serum copper oxidase, thereby affecting tyrosinase activity and reducing melanin synthesis.(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins lazada)

2. Vitamin C can not only promote the synthesis of neurotransmitters, increase the consumption of tyrosine, reduce the synthesis of melanin, but also maintain the activity of thiol enzymes, promote the synthesis of thiol compounds, and compete with tyrosinase for copper ions(sugar bear hair stockists). Decreased tyrosinase activity and decreased melanin synthesis.

3. Vitamin C can promote the production of antibodies, cells that have been proliferating, etc., can aggravate the patient's autoimmune response, inhibit the differentiation and proliferation of melanocytes without melanin function in the hair follicle melanocyte reservoir, and affect the therapeutic effect of vitiligo(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). This should not increase the condition of vitiligo.(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins lazada)

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