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Vitamin C also detoxifies and is resistant to bacterial and viral infections(sugar bear hair ireland). The normal person needs to be 75 mg per day.  In the absence of vitamin C, the body will reduce the gelatinous substance, resulting in the wound not easy to heal, the long bones and bones are sparse, joint swelling and keratosis of the hair follicles, bleeding gums, loose teeth and other symptoms.

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Due to the increased fragility of the capillary wall, patients can have a wide range of bleeding points, which is called "scurvy". Mariners, long-term workers in arid desert areas, long-term consumption of vegetables and fruits, often suffer from this disease(sugar bear hair israel). Some eclipse children, who do not eat vegetables and fruits, will also suffer from this disease.(sugar bear hair vitamins shoppe australia)

Scientific research proves that vitamin C cannot be synthesized by itself in the human body and must be fed by food. When there is a deficiency, it can be increased to 200-300 mg(sugar bear hair vitamins south africa). In addition to vitamin C supplements, foods rich in vitamin C should be used in the diet. If sudden withdrawal of drugs can cause scurvy symptoms, we have found excessive vitamins C. 

(sugar bear hair vitamins shoppe australia)A variety of sour fruits such as hawthorn, fresh dates, oranges, oranges, lemons, tomatoes and a variety of fresh green leafy vegetables are good sources of vitamin C(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Animal foods contain less vitamin C. Vitamin C is an extremely delicate, water-soluble vitamin. Its nature is extremely unstable, and it is easily destroyed by oxidation without being noticed.

Plant tissues contain ascorbate, and plant foods are left for too long, and vitamin C can be lost due to air oxidation. If it can be eaten with acidic foods, or put some vinegar when cooking, it can improve its utilization(sugar hair bear philippines). Vitamin c is not only afraid of light, heat, alkali, but also afraid of copper and iron, so it is best not to use copper pot or iron pot when cooking, but should use aluminum pot.(sugar bear hair vitamins shoppe australia)

Therefore, vegetables and fruits are better for the fresh ones(sugar bear hair vitamins canada). In the cooking should pay attention to: vegetables should be washed and cut first, chopped immediately after the pot, and it is best to wash, do now, eat now; cooking should use rapid fire fast method, which can reduce the loss of vitamin C. Vitamin C is more stable in an acidic environment.

(sugar bear hair vitamins shoppe australia)Experts said: From the current situation, the application of vitamin C is becoming more and more widespread and the dosage is increasing(cheap sugar bear hair). However, long-term high-dose applications may have some serious adverse reactions, such as hyperuricemia, gouty arthritis or kidney stones. Patients with vitiligo, especially children.

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