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Several vitamin Cs that cannot be eaten: Pork liver vitamin C is easily destroyed by oxidation, especially copper ions(sugar bear hair europe). The pig liver is a food with extremely rich copper content, which contains about 2.6 mg of copper per 100 g of pig liver. If eaten with vitamin C, copper in the liver of the pig can cause vitamin C to lose its original biological function.

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Similarly, goat liver and beef liver cannot be eaten together. Milk Vitamin C has a certain acidity and strong reducibility and is easily oxidized(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Milk is rich in vitamin B2 with certain oxidative properties. At the same time, vitamin C is easily oxidized by vitamin B2, and vitamin B2 is reduced. Both of them lose their effectiveness and cannot achieve the purpose of supplementing vitamins. 

(sugarbearhair vegan lazada malaysia)Shellfish Aquatic products Shellfish products contain more arsenic compounds, but since these arsenic compounds are present in pentavalent form, they will not affect the human body(buy sugar bear hair vitamins). However, if you consume a large amount of vitamin C while eating these high-arsenic aquatic products, you can convert 5-valent arsenic into trivalent arsenic.

Trivalent arsenic is arsenic and may be poisoned after taking it. Therefore, do not take large amounts of vitamin C when eating aquatic products(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins). What is best for vitamin supplements: You may not know that stress and stress are the main reasons for vitamin C consumption. When pressure is generated, the adrenal cortex secretes a hormone that is resistant to stress.

Vitamin C is essential in its formation. Stress is not only caused by mental factors such as nervousness or uneasiness. Noise, fatigue, lack of sleep, and overheating and overheating can cause stress and consume a lot of vitamin C(cheap sugar bear hair). Normally, 1.5 grams of vitamin C is stored in the body and is quickly consumed when the pressure increases.(sugarbearhair vegan lazada malaysia)

This hormone is the main "living force" that responds to stress. Studies have shown that when subjected to strong psychological stress, the body consumes 8 times more vitamin C than usual(sugar bear hair online). In order to protect the body from stress, it is necessary to take as much food as possible rich in vitamin C. Foods rich in vitamin C are the first to introduce fresh dates. 

(sugarbearhair vegan lazada malaysia)Fresh dates are known as “natural vitamin pills.” Eating 3-5 tablets a day can ensure enough vitamins to cope with the intense work situation. In addition, you can eat pineapple, mango, strawberry, or cauliflower, spinach and other fruits and vegetables(sugar bear hair for hair loss). People with high pressure can also take vitamin C tablets.

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