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Can vitamin C drink be taken casually? Experts said that although there are no mandatory requirements for labeling nutrients in China(sugar bear hair cheap), there are labels on the labels of beverages and foods in many countries such as Canada and the United States, and the relevant standards in China also clearly indicate that the state encourages food labeling nutrition.

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The content of ingredients so that consumers can see at a glance, this will also become a trend in the future. Nutrition expert Wu Lieying believes that vitamin C is an important nutrient for the body(sugar bear hair usa). But the nutrition community also generally believes that excessive intake of vitamin C is not necessary, the most healthy drink for the human body is still "white water."(sugar bear hair promo miami)

Generally, for some special people, such as people who exercise the most sweating and stress, they need to add more vitamin C, and they can drink vitamin C drinks properly(sugar bear hair wholesale). It can be seen on the ingredients list of many vitamin C beverages. Food flavors and food additives such as sodium citrate, pectin and virgin are commonly used, and of course, sugar is generally added.

For example, after exposure to light, its properties will be unstable, so eating beverages and fresh fruits are completely different(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). At the same time, if excessive intake of vitamin C is also likely to cause vitamin C dependence, once the body's need for vitamin C is expanded, reducing the supplement later may lead to vitamin C deficiency.

(sugar bear hair promo miami)Ms. Liu, who is working in an office building, said: More vitamin C supplementation is good for the skin, and it can quench the thirst and be beautiful(sugar bear hair stockists). Is the effect of vitamin C beverages as magical as some advertisements? Fang Zhouzi said that some people advocate that eating more vitamin C can prevent colds and prevent cancer.

Nutrition experts suggest that if you want to add vitamin C, it is best to supplement it with vegetables and fruits, not to drink. Experts say that the recommended daily intake of vitamin C in adults is 100 mg, not more than 1000 mg(sugarbearhair where to buy). Excessive intake of vitamin C can cause gastrointestinal disorders, kidney stones and excessive iron absorption.

The vitamin C content of a bottle of vitamin C drink is roughly equivalent to the recommended amount of vitamin C a day, which is beneficial to people who lack vitamin C in the diet, but there is no particular benefit to drinking more(sugar bear hair wholesale price). The claim that more vitamin C can prevent cancer and prevent colds is not fully based.(sugar bear hair promo miami)

Most of the consumers who buy vitamin C drinks are students and white-collar workers. "Meet the vitamin C needed every day, which is equivalent to five and a half fresh lemons." These are not scientifically sound(sugar bear hair vitamins philippines). Experts said that the active physical and chemical properties of vitamin C determine that it is easily destroyed. 

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