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How many beverages claim to contain vitamin C? Some advertisements for vitamin C beverages make people feel excited(sugarbearhair cheap). In addition to vitamin C, vegetables and fruits can be supplemented with other nutrients. It is better to eat two oranges, the vitamin C content can meet the needs of the human body, and can also supplement other nutrients and cellulose.

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Previously, some people investigated the vitamin C addition status of various beverages on the market, and found that 70.1% of the samples collected showed vitamin C added to the label, or suggested that the product contained vitamin C(sugarbearhair wholesale). Surprisingly, only half of the pure juices mentioned vitamin C, and most juice drinks claim to contain vitamin C.(sugar bear hair company israel)

Sports health drinks and tea drinks are also popular for adding vitamin C. However, one-fifth of the carbonated drinks that are considered to have low nutritional value on weekdays claim to add vitamin C(sugarbearhair europe). This is not to be a nutritional value for beverages. Looked at it. However, this also said that there is vitamin C, it is said that there is vitamin C, how many vitamin C there, dare not say clearly?

According to the survey results, less than one-fifth of the products on the label indicate the specific content of vitamin C, including juice, juice drinks and sports drinks, tea drinks and carbonated drinks(sugar bear hair vitamins italia). According to the random selection of 14 products, all the products marked with vitamin C have a vitamin C content exceeding the labeled content.

How much vitamin C is there in the drink? So, these products really contain so many vitamin C? For example, a product with a vitamin C content of between 25 and 50 mg per 100 ml has a measured vitamin C content of 62 mg(sugarbearhair wholesale price). The measured values and labeled values of some products may differ by a factor of two to three times, which cannot be explained by the phrase "preventing loss in storage".

(sugar bear hair company israel)The content of most beverage products is above 40 mg/100 ml, and the vitamin C content in one bottle is more than 200 mg, which is equivalent to more than twice the recommended daily intake (100 mg), but it does not exceed the Nutrition Society of China(sugar bear hair lazada). The proposed daily intake of vitamin C for residents is limited to 1000 mg.

Therefore, drinking 1 to 2 bottles of vitamin C-containing beverages per day is safe for consumers. In summers with more sweating and more loss of water-soluble vitamins, proper vitamin C supplementation is not harmful to health(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Some juices and fruit drinks that do not have a vitamin C content also contain more vitamin C.

For example, drink a bottle of vitamin C drink. Some of the tea beverages and carbonated beverages that are not indicated have lower vitamin C content, and some even have less than 5 mg/100 ml(sugar bear hair italia). However, considering that the capacity of each bottle of beverage is 300-500 ml, the total vitamin C content of each bottle can still reach more than 15 mg.(sugar bear hair company israel)

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