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It is one of the traditional Chinese herbal medicines used in traditional Chinese medicine(sugar bear hair wholesale). It is mainly used for medicinal purposes. "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" records: "Chrysanthemum main winds are dizzy, swollen and painful, eyes are off, tears come out, skin dead muscles, bad wind and dampness, blood and qi." 

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"Japanese Huazi Materia Medica" records: "Chrysanthemum treatment of limbs , upset, cellulite stuffy, and scorpion venom, headache; pillows eyesight." Chrysanthemum tastes bitter, sexually cold(sugar bear hair cheap); there are wild chrysanthemum and home chrysanthemum, which home chrysanthemum clear liver eyesight, wild chrysanthemum poison scattered fire.(buy sugar bear hair vitamins ebay london)

Chrysanthemum can be anti-virus, inhibiting respiratory viruses such as influenza. Traditional Chinese medicine is used to treat eye diseases, sore throat, tinnitus, wind-heat, cold, headache, high blood pressure and other diseases(sugar bear hair wholesale price). The chrysanthemums produced in Zhejiang and the chrysanthemums produced in the mountains of Huangshan are the top grades in chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemum is a perennial herb of the family Asteraceae. Chrysanthemum has a good effect(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). Physical and chemical analysis showed that chrysanthemum contains volatile oil, Jerusalem artichoke, adenine, amino acid, choline, stachysine, berberine, flavonoids, chrysanthemum, vitamin A, B, E, trace elements and other substances, which are resistant to pathogens.

(buy sugar bear hair vitamins ebay london)From the nutritional point of view, the essence of plants lies in flowers and fruits. Chrysanthemum petals contain 17 kinds of amino acids, among which glutamic acid, aspartic acid and proline are higher(sugar bear hair usa). In addition, it is also rich in vitamins and trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper, selenium, etc., so it has the incomparable effect of ordinary fruits and vegetables.

Modern clinical medicine has also proved that chrysanthemum can expand coronary artery, increase blood flow, lower blood pressure, and has good curative effect on coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and serum hypercholesterolemia(sugar bear hair stockists). Chrysanthemum soaking wine can resist aging and prolong life.(buy sugar bear hair vitamins ebay london)

"Chrysanthemum has high efficacy and high nutritional value, and there are many ways to eat. It can be fresh, dry, raw, cooked, simmered, steamed, boiled, fried, roasted, and mixed(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Silk into the stuffing, Chen Lijuan, Pharmacy Department of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced the following home health care method for chrysanthemum.

(buy sugar bear hair vitamins ebay london)Enhances capillary resistance; the flavonoids have been shown to have a strong scavenging effect on free radicals, and are effective in anti-oxidation and anti-aging(sugarbearhair promo). From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the chrysanthemum solution clears the heat and clears the liver and clears the eye. From the perspective of Western medicine.

If you eat for a long time, you will also have the effect of "lean blood, light body, and longevity"(sugarbearhair uae). Lowering blood sugar and lowering blood fat. In addition, the chrysanthemums produced in Cangzhou, Anhui Province, and the chrysanthemums in Cangzhou, are produced in Chuanju, Sichuan Province, and in Deqing, Zhejiang.(buy sugar bear hair vitamins ebay london)

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