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One morning, a grandfather came to the pharmacy to let the clerk help him measure his blood pressure and blood sugar, and bought two boxes of indapamide tablets(sugar bear hair london). Chrysanthemum tea is rich in aroma, refreshing, and has the effect of dispelling wind and clearing heat, nourishing liver and eyesight, and reducing blood pressure.

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When the clerk recommended the folic acid tablets and indapamide tablets to the uncle, the uncle was not happy, and said slyly: "Folic acid? Isn't that a tonic for pregnant women? Also when I am three years old(sugar bear hair in pakistan)! Really not Knowing what you think about selling medicine," then took two boxes of indapamide tablets and left the pharmacy.

(sugar bear hair for hair loss nz)Combination medication: folic acid tablets + antihypertensive drugs (such as the potent, long-acting diuretic antihypertensive drug indapamide tablets) According to reports, stroke has become the first killer of family happiness(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Folic acid alone does not reduce the risk of seizures in patients with hypertension. 

China News Network reported that on average every 12 seconds, there was a stroke in China, and one stroke died every 21 seconds(sugar bear hair nz). Moreover, in China, the incidence of stroke is very high, on average 3-5 times that of Europeans and Americans. The reason is that the lack of "folic acid" in the human body is inseparable.(sugar bear hair for hair loss nz)

Hypertension-induced stroke prevention, illness: strokes that are faint, unconscious, or sudden onset of squinting, hemiplegia, strong tongue, and mental retardation(sugar bear hair ireland). When the water is 70% hot, you can see that the tea gradually becomes yellowish. According to incomplete statistics, one out of every five people lacks folic acid.

(sugar bear hair for hair loss nz)Finally, remind everyone that compared with the elderly with antihypertensive drugs alone, the addition of folic acid can significantly reduce the incidence of stroke in patients with hypertension(cheap sugar bear hair). Medical experts also recommend that patients with hypertension need appropriate folic acid supplementation, and do not take folic acid alone.

The combination of folic acid and antihypertensive drugs can better reduce Stroke mortality(sugar bear hair israel). If a woman insists on taking the recommended dose of folic acid daily for at least 1 month before conception and during the first 3 months of pregnancy, she can reduce the risk of birth defects by 50%-70%.(sugar bear hair for hair loss nz)

Pregnant women's bodies need folic acid to make normal red blood cells. According to the survey, the prevalence of anemia among women of childbearing age in China is 20.6%. Insufficient folic acid intake may also cause anemia in pregnant women(sugar bear hair vitamins south africa). Taking a multivitamin containing folic acid can reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia in pregnant women.

(sugar bear hair for hair loss nz)Chrysanthemum tea: Chrysanthemum can be made into health tea The fragrant and pleasant chamomile is suitable for tea drinking, and the white chrysanthemum produced in the Suhang area is also selected(sugar bear hair private label). When brewing chrysanthemum tea, it is best to use a transparent glass, put four or five capsules each time, and then brew with boiling water.

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