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Chinese cabbage, we often eat in winter, in fact, Chinese cabbage has always been a very good vegetable, rich in nutrients, especially when vitamin C is lacking, you can eat more cabbage(sugar bear hair wholesale)! Most of the vitamin C beverages contain additives, and the vitamin C in the inside is also artificially added. It is not recommended to drink frequently.

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Chinese cabbage is the home of the common people, cabbage is very nutritious Rich, crude fiber, protein(sugar bear hair stockists), carbohydrate content are very high, especially a large number of crude fiber, can promote intestinal wall peristalsis, keep the stool smooth. In the summer, the correct vitamin C drink can be used.(sugar bear hair products for nails europe)

The motherland medicine believes that cabbage is sweet and sweet, has the effect of clearing away heat, relieving thirst and diuresis, and benefiting the stomach and intestines(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Vinegar and cabbage heart: 300 grams of cabbage heart, 50 grams of seaweed, soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, wet starch, onion, ginger, oil, a little.

In the "Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica", there is also a record of cabbage "thirsty, non-toxic, gastrointestinal, and urinary"(sugar hair bear philippines). Here are a few ways to introduce you to cabbage, which is easy to learn and tastes good. Vegetarian fried cabbage help: cabbage to help 400 grams, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, ginger, MSG, oil, the right amount.

(sugar bear hair products for nails europe)Regular consumption of cabbage can prevent vitamin C deficiency (scurvy). Moreover, vitamin C does not make up as much as possible. Wash the cabbage, control the water, cut into strips, pour the oil into the pot, pour in the ginger silk pot(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale), then pour the cabbage, stir fry until half cooked, then add soy sauce, vinegar, salt Stir-fry, then add MSG to the pan.

Cut the heart of the cabbage into pieces, and the rice is soaked in warm water. Use the onion and ginger to simmer the pan, pour the cabbage heart(sugar bear hair vitamins canada), stir-fried and half-cooked, add Shanghai rice (lianyuan soup), soy sauce and stir-fry quickly, add vinegar, use wet starch to thicken, add MSG. Stir fry a few times, topped with sesame oil.

The reporter observed that most of the current vitamin C beverages on the market are placed on the conspicuous promotional counters, and their sales are also significantly higher than other beverages(sugar bear hair cheap). According to the nutritional composition of a brand of vitamin C beverage, the 445 ml beverage contains 100 mg of vitamin C.(sugar bear hair products for nails europe)

From the perspective of Shenchengmin's diet, daily intake of vitamin C is about 80 mg; The body absorbs about 50 to 60 mg. Compared to the recommended daily intake of 100 mg, you only need to add a little. And there are many ways to supplement vitamin C(sugar bear hair ph price). Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is undoubtedly the most effective.

Pour the oil into the wok and heat it. Clinically, the body's daily intake of more than 2 grams of vitamin C, it will produce a series of side effects, including urethral stones, kidney stones; increase the level of uric acid in the blood, increase the rate of gout(sugar bear hair usa); some people will also be due to the body Vitamin C levels are too high, causing diarrhea.(sugar bear hair products for nails europe)

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