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Jujube and peach Li Xing Li are also known as "five fruits". They are rich in nutrients, contain sugar, protein, trace elements, and are rich in vitamins. They are also known as natural vitamin pills, and are also important Chinese medicines(sugarbearhair usa). Jujube can nourish qi and tonify the spleen and stomach, and autumn and winter is a good time for eating dates.

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Unfortunately, due to the high respiratory intensity and high water content, winter jujube is highly susceptible to microbial or mechanical damage and rot(sugar bear hair vitamins price). Folk sayings: "Eat three jujubes a day, life is not old." Jujube is widely distributed in China, from Xinjiang to North China, there are hundreds of varieties, common ash jujube, pear jujube, jujube , winter dates and so on.

(sugar bear hair african american hair)Hetian jujube has a large fruit shape, a thick and thin skin, and a sweet and mellow taste. It is known as jade jujube and has been given a lot of beautiful words(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Some even played a loud slogan "rich in vitamin C, 70 to 80 times higher than apples." This is debatable. First of all, compared with fresh dates, it will lose some nutrients during the drying process.

Vitamin C is soluble in water and easily destroyed by oxygen and heat, so it is easy to lose (but mine The substance is concentrated in the dry process, and the remaining ingredients are still in good utilization in the human body.) Secondly, apples are not known to be rich in vitamin C(sugarbearhair cheap). Even the content of vitamin C in radish cabbage is much higher than that of apples.

It is not kind to use it as a reference. Winter jujube is mainly produced in the Bohai Sea region. The meat is crispy, sweet and sour. It is rich in minerals and trace elements(sugarbearhair wholesale). The sugar content is over 20%. The vitamin C contained in 100g reaches 300-500mg, even higher than the fruit queen kiwi. It is a fresh jujube variety with excellent quality.(sugar bear hair african american hair)

If it is stored under natural conditions after harvest, it will only have a crisp period of about one week, which will bring problems to transportation and sales(sugarbearhair europe). In recent years, the Hetian jujube in the popular market is mostly dried dates made from jujube or ash jujube, and the late-maturing winter jujube is also deeply loved by consumers.

Specifically, it requires low temperature, moisturizing, hypoxia, etc(sugar bear hair vitamins australia). Therefore, before you taste the winter jujube, it may have undergone a series of preservation treatments: physical methods such as low temperature, modified atmosphere, decompression, and other biochemical techniques, in order to delay the maturity of winter jujube and maintain the fruit. quality.

(sugar bear hair african american hair)For example, the gas-conditioning method controls the respiration of winter jujube by delaying the temperature, humidity, gas concentration and other conditions in the storage environment, delays its metabolism, and better maintains freshness(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Conditions, it is also necessary to remove ethylene, because ethylene has the effect of ripening fruits.

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