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Vitamin C supply: 30 mg per day for infants aged 0 to 1 (equivalent to 100 to 150 ml of fresh orange water). It takes 35~45 mg for 1-7 years old(sugar bear hair manufacturer). When the summer is hot and sick, the amount of supply should be increased, and 100 mg can be given every day. Every 100 grams of breast milk contains 2 to 6 milligrams of vitamin C.

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The daily requirement for infants is 30 milligrams, so breastfeeding is not easy to lack. After bovine milk is boiled, vitamin C is lost, so infants fed with milk should pay attention to adding vitamin C(buy sugar bear hair vitamins). Vitamin C is widely found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Citrus, fresh dates, hawthorn, tomato, pepper, bean sprouts, kiwifruit, etc. are abundant, and are obviously reduced after processing and storage.

(sugar bear hair promo price ph)The milk is destroyed by disinfection and the formula is increased by vitamin C fortification. Therefore, children should be breastfed when they are babies, and mothers should eat more new vitamins and vegetables(cheap sugar bear hair); fresh vegetables and fruits. When milk is used as a staple food for infants, fresh juice and vegetable water should be added.

It should be noted that the nature of vitamin C is extremely unstable, it is easily oxidized and destroyed by heat, and alkali is more easily destroyed. Contact with metal will accelerate oxidation and destruction, so avoid using copper pot to stir-fry(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins). The leaves for baby cooking soup are not cut with a knife and can be torn into small pieces by hand.(sugar bear hair promo price ph)

When cooking, stir-fry with a quick fire, avoid boiled (the vitamin c is easy to lose damage under high temperature), the dish should be washed first and then cut(gummy bear hair vitamins uk). Vitamin C is maintained in an acidic environment, and some vinegar is added to the salad or stir-fry to reduce the vitamin C in the ingredients. In addition, dried shiitake mushrooms also have anti-viral, anti-cancer, cholesterol-lowering effects. 

Of course, the short-term preservation of winter jujube in the family only needs to be placed in the fresh-keeping bag, and the air seal is excluded, and it can be stored in the refrigerator at a constant temperature(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins). In addition to dried dates and fresh dates, there is also a type of candied dates, which are processed by dried dates. But compared to the first two, its nutritional value is inferior.

(sugar bear hair promo price ph)Like candied fruit, it is boiled from dried jujube in high-concentration sugar water. The sugar content is greatly increased, and the proportion of other nutrients is reduced(sugar bear hair uae). It can only be treated as an occasional snack. The content of vitamin D in dried shiitake mushrooms is 8 times that of fresh shiitake mushrooms, because the drying process can increase the vitamin D content.

Need to be reminded that 4 types of people should not be exposed to the sun for a long time(sugar bear hair europe). Infirm, high blood pressure and heart disease patients should do their best and not be able to dry for too long. Infants and young children's skin is delicate, and special attention should be paid to avoiding the peak of ultraviolet rays.(sugar bear hair promo price ph)

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