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The epithelial cells of vitamin A are susceptible to damage and relatively low resistance, and the main role of vitamin A is to maintain the growth of various epithelial cells(sugar bear hair women's multi). Therefore, it is necessary to properly supplement vitamin A. Vitamin C is also known as "ascorbic acid." It can be supplemented from diets such as carrots, milk, eggs, animal livers, dark vegetables, eggs, and milk.

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Vitamin B1 can prevent beriberi, increase appetite, nourish nerves, and improve muscle function. Older people are generally prone to poor appetite, indigestion, or symptoms of peripheral neuropathy(sugar bear hair cheap). At this time, taking vitamin B1 plays an important role in rehabilitation. Vitamin B1 is widely found in crude foods such as cereals, wheat, and soybeans.(sugarbearhair where to buy romania)

If the elderly eat long-term white rice, flour, etc., there may be a lack of vitamin B1(sugar bear hair wholesale). Vitamin E is also called "tocopherol". It has the functions of eliminating free radicals, resisting oxidation, and eliminating "peroxidation lipids" in the body, thereby delaying the aging process of the body. Therefore, vitamin E supplementation is especially important for the elderly.

In addition to diet (widely found in green plants, especially in various natural vegetable oils. For the elderly, it is important to increase the resistance to various infections by taking vitamin C(sugarbearhair europe). Significance; at the same time, maintaining the blood vessels, especially the capillaries of various parts, preventing bleeding, etc., has special health care value for the elderly.(sugarbearhair where to buy romania)

It also increases the body's resistance to a variety of infectious diseases, promotes wound healing, and accelerates the formation of connective tissue(sugar bear hair wholesale price). In addition to the intake of food (widely found in a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables), you can take oral vitamin C tablets 3 times a day, 1-2 tablets each time (each tablet is 100 mg), can be taken for a long time , generally no side effects.

Summary: According to different symptoms, different body needs, Xiaobian introduced some of the attention and attention of the elderly vitamin supplements, I hope the elderly can notice(sugar bear hair black friday)! Vitamin D prevents osteoporosis, and osteoporosis is a common disease in the elderly. Many people only emphasize calcium supplementation and neglect the role of vitamin D.(sugarbearhair where to buy romania)

As a result, the absorption of calcium is not satisfactory. The composition of vitamin B family involved in cell membrane is the metabolism of the body. Indispensable substances; vitamin K, also known as blood clotting vitamins(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale); vitamin A to prevent dry skin, dry eye disease; vitamin B2 deficiency can not only induce cancer, cerebral hemorrhage, digestive tract ulcers, dry lips.

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