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Vitamins are one of the six essential nutrients needed by the human body(sugarbearhair wholesale). They are indispensable for the growth and development of human body. However, many drugs can hinder the body's absorption and utilization of vitamins, or increase the excretion of vitamins, leading to vitamin deficiency.

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The function of the elderly is declining, the absorption and metabolism are weakened, and many chronic diseases are often suffered. Long-term use of various drugs is prone to drug-induced vitamin deficiency(sugarbearhair ireland). So, which drugs can cause drug-induced vitamin deficiency in the elderly? Vitamin A deficiency. Old people often suffer from constipation and hyperlipidemia.

It is worth mentioning that vitamin B2 cannot be synthesized and stored in the human body and should be taken seriously. They can damage the structure of the small intestine wall and hinder the absorption of vitamin A in the intestine(sugarbearhair cheap). In the long run, the human body lacks vitamins. A. Vitamin B1, vitamin B2 deficiency.(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins uk)

Alcohol can damage the absorption mechanism of intestinal mucosa, so that the absorption of B vitamins is reduced, especially vitamin B1 and vitamin B2(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Therefore, alcoholics elderly people are often susceptible to beriberi, angular cheilitis and keratitis due to lack of vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. They take laxatives, paraffin oil, cholestyramine and lipid-lowering drugs. 

(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins uk)Tetracyclines and erythromycin antibiotics are prone to decompose and metabolize B vitamins in the elderly, resulting in a deficiency of vitamin B1 and vitamin B2(sugar bear hair usa). Vitamin B6 is deficient. There are mainly 6 types of drugs that can cause the body to lack vitamin B6: Anti-tuberculosis drugs isoniazid (Reami seal), cycloserine, pyrazinamide and so on.

Antihypertensive drug hydralazine; Metal chelating agent penicillamine; Anti-Parkinson's disease levodopa; Oral contraceptive estrogen; Antibiotics such as tetracycline and TMP (trimethoprim) and the like(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). In particular, elderly people with tuberculosis need to take the right amount of vitamin B6 at the same time if they take long-term high-dose remi seals. Vitamin C deficiency.

Cardio-cerebral vascular disease elderly people often take aspirin, which competes with vitamin C in the body to reduce the absorption of vitamin C in food(sugar bear hair stockists). According to relevant statistics, 70% of people lack vitamins, 30% of them are seriously deficient, and should be paid attention to, and the elderly should not be taken lightly.(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins uk)

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