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Experience of sugar bear hair vitamins

When I started using sugar bear hair wholesale, my hair was very bad. After using it for two months, I immediately saw the result! My hair is healthier, fuller, thicker, stronger, and my score is much faster, so I don't have to go to the barber shop often, and my hair will grow longer.

Experience of sugar bear hair vitamins should be summarized:

1-2 months: My hair structure feels different. Softer / smoother / smoother. The nails seem to feel stronger.

3-4 months: There are a lot of baby hair, my hair feels thicker / fuller. I think my hair has grown exponentially, not the real length, but it is definitely the thickness. There are fewer inventions.

5-6 months: All the above conditions are continuing, even more baby hair, old baby hair is slowly picked, now I first noticed that my hair is growing very well, very quickly.

The sugar bear hair vitamins I ate before I slept because I was convinced that I was better at work while sleeping than during the day. Patience is a good thing, so don't expect her to reach your knees after a night. I am very happy that my hair is very full, healthy and the growth process is accelerating. recommend!

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