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Most children nowadays have been exposed to a lot of electronic products since childhood (my family's little ones like to play mobile phones and watch TV), and they often look too long and too focused(sugarbearhair wholesale), which will cause eyes to be hurt to varying degrees, eyes tired and dry. These symptoms suggest that your child's body may be deficient in vitamin A. Symptoms, some children will have itching and peeling.(buy sugarbearhair vitamins usa)

Therefore, in addition to reasonable control of the time when the small pots use electronic products, parents need to replenish vitamin A in a timely manner. Foods containing vitamin A include egg yolk, carrot, pumpkin, etc. . If it is not enough, you can also eat some children's vitamin jelly. Vitamin chewing gum(sugarbearhair cheap), delicious and cute in shape, is suitable for children's taste preferences, helping parents to easily add enough calcium and vitamins to their children.

The child's appetite is very bad, do not like to eat, every meal has become the most intense chase between the whole family and children, the season is easy to get sick, low resistance, usually looks like the child is not ruddy, pale and bloodless, weight height development slow. These symptoms indicate that your child's body may be deficient in vitamin C(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Compared with other nutrients, it can be said that vitamin C is our most familiar.

(buy sugarbearhair vitamins usa)Many common foods in life are rich in vitamin C, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes, etc. The soft candy mentioned above can also be supplemented with vitamin C(sugar bear hair private label). If the child stands up, it will be dizzy, there is anemia, easy to get angry, often oral ulcers, picky eaters, indigestion, angular keratitis... The above symptoms indicate that the child may be deficient in vitamin B2.


The important function of vitamin C is to promote the absorption of iron, improve the resistance, and repel the symptoms such as cold. Vitamin B2 is an important element in promoting metabolism and repair. The main performance is to promote the normal growth of skin, nails and hair. Together with vitamin A, it can further improve the body function(sugarbearhair women's multi). The foods rich in vitamin B2 are mainly , seaweed, mushrooms, kelp, squid, seaweed, almonds, etc., of course, there are also dietary supplements to replace these foods.

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