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We know that vitamin C is a water-soluble, high-temperature-resistant vitamin that is easily lost and destroyed along with washing and cooking. The amount of vitamin loss varies from cooking to cooking(sugarbearhair wholesale). It is also heated for 5 minutes, and the rate of cooking is much less than that of frying. In order to get enough vitamin C, you have to work hard on cooking. There is information that the shorter the spinach is cooked, the less the loss of vitamin C.

For example, boiled spinach, 1, 2, 3, 5 minutes, the loss of vitamin C was 26%, 39%, 50% and 60%. So how much can vegetables retain in the cooking process? Let us look at Table 45. From Table 45, we can see the approximate amount of vitamin C(sugarbearhair cheap) that can be stored in the process of cooking vegetables, but in order to get as much vitamin C as possible in vegetables and fruits, it is necessary to master the correct method of ingestion. .

First of all, for some skinned vegetables, such as radishes, the outer skin contains more vitamins than inside. Do not remove the outer skin during cooking to avoid unnecessary nutrient loss. When cooking green leafy vegetables, wash and cut first. Do not soak in the water after cutting. Do not cook too badly. Do not use fried food(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Vitamin C is very unstable in hot environment. Long time high temperature will put It is destroyed. In addition, vinegar has a protective effect on vitamin C, and can be slightly added with vinegar when cooking.

Second, eat more plums and tea. Vitamin C in scorpion foods (such as Litou, sweet potato, etc.) is not easily damaged, and it is difficult to consume vitamin C regardless of cooking, tidal or roasting. In addition, some scientists have pointed out that each 100 grams of tea contains about 250 mg of vitamin C. Even poor quality tea(oem sugar bear hair vitamins) contains about 150 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams.

However, when ingesting it, do not use boiling water to brew, otherwise, the content of vitamin C will be little left. The correct way is to cook with rice, or wrap it with flour to make vitamin C in tea. Ingested in the form of eating.

Third, choose fruits rich in vitamin C for direct consumption. We know that the amount of vitamin C(sugar bear hair women's multi) in fruits is very considerable, such as oranges, oranges, kiwis, persimmons, etc., as long as you eat one, you can take the amount of vitamin C needed for the day.

Fourth, scientific mix and intake. Eat a variety of foods have to pay attention to match, the same way to take vitamin C, vitamin C can improve the utilization of the use, but if mismatched will lose its role(sugar bear hair wholesale price), and even lead to adverse effects.

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