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Gynecological disease is a complex disease, it has a variety of pathological symptoms, vitamin E(oem sugar bear hair vitamins) can prevent and treat disorders such as dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, cystic hyperplasia of the breast, increased milk production.

(buy sugar bear hair vitamins nz)1. Treat dysmenorrhea. Vitamin E helps treat dysmenorrhea. Female dysmenorrhea is associated with a high level of a hormone-like substance, prostaglandin, because vitamin E is involved in blocking the formation of prostaglandins and has a therapeutic effect.

2. Prevention of cystic hyperplasia of the breast. Medical researchers believe that cystic hyperplasia of the breast is closely related to endocrine dysfunction(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale), and there is currently no effective drug. In recent years, medical researchers at home and abroad have found that vitamin E can prevent breast pain in patients and cause nodules or cysts to subside.

(buy sugar bear hair vitamins nz)3. Treatment of menstrual disorders. Some women of childbearing age will have menstrual cycles and other menstrual disorders after going to the ring. If you take vitamin E 50 ~ 100 mg every day, 10 days for a course of treatment, and even take 2 to 3 courses, you can get good results.

4. Increase the amount of milk. Chinese medical workers found through clinical observation(sugar bear hair wholesale) that maternal postpartum lactation, taking vitamin E 2~3 times a day, each time 200 mg, even for 5-7 days, can significantly increase the amount of milk secretion.(buy sugar bear hair vitamins nz)

5. Treatment of discomfort after placement of the birth control ring. Taking vitamin E preparations can cure some women who have had bleeding or menorrhagia after placing the birth control ring. The method is to take 100 mg of vitamin E orally three times after placing the birth control ring, and take it in three steps for 7 days(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Generally, it can be treated for 1 to 3 courses.

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