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Many men do not like to eat fruits and vegetables, but they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, which is unmatched by any food(sugar bear hair private label). If the body lacks vitamins for a long time, it will affect the production of sperm, which leads to male infertility.

1. Vitamin A can cause damage to sperm. When the vitamin A is seriously ingested, it will damage the quality of the sperm and weaken the sperm's activity. Even if the wife is pregnant, it will lead to stillbirth or fetal malformation(sugar bear hair wholesale). The foods rich in vitamin A in our life mainly include cantaloupe and tomatoes. Carrots and dairy products, as well as a large amount of vitamin A in the liver of fish and animals.

2. Lack of vitamin B family will reduce fertility. After research, it is found that the relationship between testicular health and vitamin B family is very close. Most of the b vitamins are water-soluble vitamins. If they lack b vitamins, they will reduce their reproductive ability, especially the lack of vitamin b12, which will reduce sperm. Activity rate and quantity.

Foods rich in vitamin b1 are mainly peanuts, black rice and soybeans; foods rich in vitamin b2(sugar bear hair cheap), mainly chicken liver, eggs and mushrooms; foods rich in vitamin b6 are mainly peanuts, mushrooms and lean meat.

3. Lack of vitamin C can cause sperm to be destroyed. When a vitamin friend's body is severely deficient in vitamin C, it can cause sperm to accumulate in one place, causing it to not liquefy.

Sperm genetics mainly rely on vitamin C for protection. Once lacking, it will destroy its genetics(sugar bear hair wholesale price), thus weakening the ability of sperm to fertilize, eventually leading to infertility. Foods rich in vitamin C are mainly green leafy vegetables, hawthorn, kiwi and so on.

4, lack of vitamin e can cause damage to the testicles. When the body is deficient in vitamin E, it will damage the testicles, thus reducing sexual ability, not allowing sperm to move normally, resulting in a serious lack of sperm.

For patients with sperm formation disorders(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale), vitamin E supplementation can improve sperm count and motility, so male friends who add vitamin E can prevent the development of deformed children. In sesame lean meat, eggs, peanuts, walnuts and peanuts will contain a lot of vitamin E.

Tip: When male friends lack vitamins, it will directly lead to the decline of male sperm quality, thus depriving them of the right to be a father, so pay attention to balance in diet. Do a good job of matching the thickness and the quality, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude(sugarbearhair women's multi), learn to reduce stress, and fully consume nutrition.

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