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Buy Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins Italia

You may know that vitamins are consumed in the food we eat every day. However, do you know that in the big family of vitamins, some vitamins are very helpful(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale) in enhancing your "sexual interest". So to solve the problem of men's low interest, you may wish to try to add these vitamins:

1, vitamin C. The role of vitamin C is to reduce the cohesiveness of sperm and facilitate the liquefaction of semen. The genetic DNA in sperm cells is protected by the antioxidant function of vitamin C. If the genetic gene is destroyed, the sperm fertilization ability(sugarbearhair cheap) can be weakened to cause infertility.

2, vitamin A. The main function of vitamin A is to promote protein synthesis. Vitamin A deficiency can affect the testicular tissue to produce spermatocytes, vas deferens epithelial degeneration, testicular weight loss, seminal vesicles become smaller, prostate keratinization(sugar bear hair wholesale). The lack of vitamin A in the ovaries affects the normal secretion of estrogen.

3. Vitamin E. Vitamin E has the effect of regulating the gonads and prolonging sperm life. Vitamin E can improve blood circulation, increase the mobility of capillaries, especially the capillaries in the genital area, and increase sexual desire and increase sperm production.

4, vitamin B12. The physiological activity of vitamin B12 depends to a large extent on cobalt. Cobalt can reduce the oxygen consumption of tissues, thereby improving the tolerance to hypoxia and promoting the vitality of body tissues in anoxic environment(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Long-term adherence to vegetarians will result in a lack of vitamin B12. The concentration of sperm in semen is significantly lower than that of others. The amount of semen produced is also less than that of other people, affecting normal sexual function.

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