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Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins Price South Africa

Women are not easy, busy work during the day, come home at night and have a lot of housework and trivial things, plus not paying attention to the diet often hunger and full meal. This causes an imbalance(sugarbearhair wholesale) in nutrient absorption, and the lack of vitamins is inevitable. I don't know if a woman lacks vitamins and is prone to temper. So, telling everyone about which vitamins are missing will have an impact on our temper.

Women who are deficient in vitamin B1 can cause temper, sleepiness, nervousness, and moodiness. Then you must pay attention to diet to avoid the loss of vitamin B1. Long-term use of contraceptives and regular drinking can easily lead to the loss of vitamin B1(sugarbearhair cheap). If the vitamin B1 deficiency is serious, you can go to the pharmacy to buy a bottle and add it directly.

Vitamin B6 is also very important for women's paper. If it is insufficient, it can cause excitement, hyperreflexia and peripheral neuritis, which can lead to headache, irritability, drowsiness, easy excitement, and severe mental depression. Women's menstrual period can easily lead to the loss of vitamin B6(sugar bear hair wholesale price), we can add some foods containing vitamin B6 and iron in advance.

Women who don't like meat pay attention. Lean meat and animal liver are the most foods containing vitamin B12. Our body usually takes these two kinds of foods. Lack of vitamin B12 can cause glossitis, diarrhea and anemia, as well as symptoms such as dullness(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale) and physical movement disorders. This leads to bad temper. Then we usually eat more lean meat and animal liver to ensure the supplement of vitamin B12.

Magnesium is also important for women. Menstruation is caused by the loss of iron when women lose more magnesium. The lack of these two substances can make us feel weak, sleepy and weak(sugar bear hair private label), emotionally unstable, irritable, excited, crying and low sexual desire. Then we can usually eat more fresh vegetables and lean meat to supplement, you can also use iron pot to stir-fry is also a good way to supplement iron.

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