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Some misunderstandings about vitamins

In order to sustain the continuation of life, we must take vitamins from natural foods or nutritional supplements. When you hear "vitamins," most people think of "tablets," and con ...

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Taking vitamin C needs to follow the doctor's advice

Vail said: If it is prescribed by a doctor, it is appropriate to take vitamin C supplements, but if it is a healthy person, taking vitamins only to prevent cardiovascular disease, the Heart Associatio ...

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Reasonable vitamin supplements can not eat more

A new study found that taking vitamin C supplements may accelerate hardening of the arteries. The result was a big surprise, and experts said that more experiments were needed to make sure that taking ...

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Taking vitamin C keeps you away from colds

Scientific experiments have shown that a large amount of vitamin C (500 mg to 1000 mg) can effectively help to synthesize antibodies, activate white blood cells, and comprehensively enhance the body&# ...

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Vitamin C can effectively prevent oral odor

Because each person's eating habits and physical conditions are different, often lead to various oral diseases, such as: bad breath, mouth ulcers, etc(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). In addit ...

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Vitamin B drives away chronic fatigue

I feel very tired, but I can't check any big problems, then I may get chronic fatigue syndrome(sugar bear hair wholesale). Some people think that it is eb virus infection, but some can't find ...

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Food rich in vitamin C and vitamin D

Among vegetables, the content of vitamin C in pepper is the first, and it can be seen that pepper is also a good food supplement for vitamin C. Orange is rich in vitamin C, and an orange is almost eno ...

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