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Daily intake of folic acid food sources

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In general, the amount of folic acid required is related to the type of food you eat. If you eat meat (including fish) or other protein foods, the demand will be higher(sugar bear hair vitamins price). In addition, the work pressure is high, and antioxidant vitamins such as In the absence of vitamins C and E, the consumption of NDA in the body will increase, and the demand for folic acid in this group will also increase.

The Chinese Nutrition Society published a reference intake of folic acid in Chinese residents in 2000, which provides a reference value for the appropriate intake of folic acid in different populations(gummy bear hair vitamins uk). Since there is no adverse reaction to the high intake of folic acid from food, the folic acid intake is limited to folic acid supplements.

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It is generally believed that daily intake of 0.4 mg of folic acid supplement (adult) does not cause any toxic reaction, so adults, pregnant women, and lactating mothers do not have any side effects when they are taken within the recommended intake(sugar bear hair gummy vitamins). In patients with normal renal function, when taking folic acid tablets excessively, skin allergic reactions (such as local redness, itching, etc.) are occasionally observed.

Symptoms disappear automatically after reducing the dose or stopping taking it for a week. For women who have a history of “bad” fetal disease, supplementation with high-dose folic acid tablets is better(sugar bear hair uae). For those who urgently need to correct folic acid deficiency, supplemental nutrition tablets are also effective.

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