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Food source and daily intake of vitamin B12

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The vitamin B12 in the diet is derived from animal food, and the vegetable food (except very few) is substantially free of vitamin B12(sugar bear hair italia). Animal foods contain vitamin B12 because they eat bacteria that produce vitamin B12, which is a large amount of vitamin B12 that can be synthesized in the intestines of animals and stored in the body.

Sometimes, fruits, cereals, and vegetables may also contain small amounts of vitamin B12, which is mainly caused by the contamination of manure as a fertilizer(sugar bear hair vitamins italia), while some small amounts of vitamin B12 in some beans are produced by microorganisms that are parasitic on the nodule. The contents of animal foods (parts) and their products are shown in the table.

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At various stages of life, due to differences in physical and psychological conditions, the physiological needs of vitamin B12 are different for different age groups, so that people of all ages can get enough vitamin B12(get sugar bear hair vitamins), UN The FAO (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) expert groups have developed different daily recommendations for each group's specific situation.

5. Promote the growth and development of children. Vitamin B12 can promote the biosynthesis of amino acids, especially methionine and glutamic acid, and therefore plays an important role in the synthesis of various proteins(sugar bear hair label). Therefore, vitamin B12 is essential for infants and young children who are growing and developing.

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