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Vitamin C can inhibit inflammation and enhance immune function

Vitamin C is mainly manifested in the prevention and treatment of vaginitis and periodontitis(sugar bear hair nederland). Professor Idle Pass, a scientist at Freiburg, Germany, pointed out that vitamin C can restore normal vaginal flora and prevent female vaginal flora imbalance. Professor Ide Perth, a gynaecologist at the University of Freiburg, reports that female vaginitis does not need to use antibacterial drugs and chemotherapy immediately. It can be treated conservatively with vitamin C vaginal suppositories.

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In addition, vitamin C can also prevent periodontitis. When parasites, bacteria, and viruses invade the human body, they will multiply at an alarming rate as long as the conditions are appropriate(sugar bear hair indonesia). If the white blood cells in the body cannot reach the "place of the accident" quickly, these invaders will proliferate and form an infection.

An important role in the immune system is interferon, a protein with antiviral activity. Increasing the intake of vitamin C can promote the production of interferon in the body, thereby enhancing immune function and preventing the occurrence of various infectious diseases. Dr(sugar bear hair promo). Owen Stone and Dr. Kahn Carter, researchers at the Common Cold Research Center at the University of Wales, believe that adding vitamin C is the only effective preventive method before the flu every year.

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