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Choose different vitamins for different age groups

The choice of vitamins is very particular, and people of different ages should have different choices for vitamins. They cannot be generalized(sugarbearhair cheap). There are different choices for pregnant women, women, and the elderly.

1. How to choose vitamins Pregnant mothers and baby babies have different nutrient requirements at different gestational ages, and the demand for vitamins is also different. In fact, the difference between vitamin products seems to be less obvious, and it is easier to overcharge. Experts say that vitamin products are most concerned with balance and absorption(sugar bear hair wholesale), and different "recipes" can produce very different effects.

Vitamin products with extremely simple contents and collocations do not play a role in health care. So choose vitamins carefully. This is especially true for pregnant women(sugarbearhair australia). It is important to choose a good vitamin for your mother.

(1) Early pregnancy (1~3 months): The early pregnancy is an important stage of fetal development. The facial features, heart and nervous system of the fetus are formed at this time. At this time, you should pay special attention to the intake of protein, folic acid, iron, zinc, iodine, sodium and vitamin A(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). In addition to helping prevent anemia, it can also help the development of the fetal nervous system.

(2) In the second trimester (4~~6 months): At this time, the fetal sexual organs are developing, the blood circulation of the heart has begun, the facial features are obvious, and the baby's weight increases rapidly at this stage(sugarbearhair malaysia). In this period, pregnant women should be provided with sufficient iron to help pregnant women prevent common anemia.

Sufficient supplementation of B vitamins helps the formation of maternal and fetal red blood cells(sugar bear hair wholesale price). It should also be supplemented with a sufficient amount of calcium in the mother to help the development of the fetal bones, and to avoid discomfort in the leg cramps of pregnant women. Supplementation of minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iodine, manganese, etc. can help the development of the bones, nervous system and glands of the fetus.

(3) Late pregnancy (7~9 months): At this time, the weight of the fetus rises rapidly and the fetal movement is frequent(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale), which is an important period for the development of various parts of the fetus (especially the brain). Insufficient supplementation of vitamins and minerals during the last 2 months of pregnancy has a great impact on the development of the fetal brain, and special attention should be paid to supplementing nutrients.

In addition to the need to ingest a sufficient amount of calcium for the growth of the fetus, attention should be paid to the supplement of minerals and vitamins, such as iron, copper, zinc and vitamin Ba, vitamin Ba(sugar bear hair women's multi), which can help the healthy development of the fetus.

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