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The link between vitamins and all aspects of physical fitness

The close relationship between nutrition and height has been recognized by scientists in various countries. Professor Shi Heli, a Japanese physiologist, pointed out that the acceleration of Japanese height growth was mainly due to the great improvement in living conditions(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). Rich protein, completely diverse vitamins and other nutrients have laid the material foundation for height growth. In the 31 years from 1939 to 1970, the average height of Japanese 6-year-old children increased from 109.1 cm to 114.5 cm, with an average increase of 5.4 cm per person; 12-year-old children increased by 9.3 cm, and 15-year-old children increased by 6.2 cm.

At present, the average height of second-year boys (17 years old) in Japanese high school has exceeded 1.7 meters, which is nearly 6 centimeters higher than their peers 30 years ago. Vitamin A helps human cells to proliferate and grow, and bone development is inseparable from vitamin A(sugar bear hair wholesale). If the intake is insufficient, the bone will stop developing first and the protein synthesis, especially the development of the skull and spine, is particularly detrimental to the growth of the fetus and adolescents.

Some people have studied the composition of human nutritional structure in recent decades, and found that the increase in protein intake is an important reason for the increase in height(sugarbearhair walgreens). Because protein is the raw material that constitutes body tissues, and the digestion and absorption of protein can not be separated from the help of B vitamins. B vitamins can promote appetite and promote metabolism.

B vitamin deficiency can cause loss of appetite, indigestion, affecting the absorption and utilization of protein, hindering the growth of high. Vitamin C can maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body, promote the growth of bones and teeth, and maintain the toughness of blood vessels(sugar bear hair wholesale price). The most recognized role of vitamin C is the formation and maintenance of collagen. Without its bones, its bones will become soft and stagnate. Severe vitamin C deficiency can cause scurvy, loose teeth, increased joints, and deformed bones.

The disease of rickets (children called rickets), legs, chicken breasts, hunchbacks, etc.(sugar bear hair 3 months), which are short stature, are related to the lack of vitamin D in the human body. Severe patients with these diseases have bone deformation, body length is not high, and even adults will become dwarfs with imbalanced limbs and trunk.

Vitamin D can promote the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus in the gastrointestinal tract, and promote the reabsorption of calcium and phosphorus by renal tubules. Vitamin D deficiency leads to insufficient calcium and phosphorus in the blood, which affects the development of bones(sugar bear hair cheap), and thus causes rickets and rickets. It is worth mentioning that the prevention and treatment of these diseases can not be achieved simply by taking calcium tablets.

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