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Effect of vitamins on prenatal and postnatal care

The basic national policy of family planning requires that a couple have only one child, and everyone wants the baby they are born to be healthy and lively. The factors affecting prenatal and postnatal care are diverse. In addition to well-known genetic and environmental factors, vitamins also play an important role(sugar bear hair wholesale). The nutrition of fetal growth and development comes from pregnant women. Many experiments have shown that during pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy, vitamins need to maintain appropriate levels in both the mother and the fetus. Too low and too high will affect the growth and development of the fetus, causing deformity.

Animal experiments have long proved that the lack of vitamin E, vitamin B, or niacin in pregnant mice can cause congenital abnormalities in young rats; lack of folic acid causes neurological defects, cardiovascular abnormalities, bone deformities or urinary tract abnormalities; lack of vitamin A causes no eye deformities(sugar bear hair private label) , hydrocephalus, cardiovascular and other congenital anomalies. Later, when the pregnant woman was found to have insufficient vitamins, her baby was also deeply affected. Vitamin D can regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism and help the normal development of fetal bones.

A survey in India in the 1970s showed that children with severe osteomalacia due to lack of vitamin D in their pregnant women also had congenital snoring or hypocalcemia. Foreign scholars have measured the levels of folic acid(sugar bear hair wholesale price), vitamin C and vitamin B2 in pregnant women within 3 months of pregnancy, and found that pregnant women with neurological malformations (no brain, spinal cord fissure), these three kinds of blood The substance content is lower than normal.

Some studies have found that pregnant women are deficient in vitamin A, and neonates are prone to corneal softening(sugarbearhair 6 month). Pregnant women lack vitamin K, and neonates are prone to bleeding disorders. Pregnant women lack vitamin B6, which can cause fetal developmental disorders, and even premature birth and stillbirth. The lack of folic acid in pregnant women can increase the risk of fetal malformation and nervous system defects(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale), and even some pregnant women may have placental abruption. Pregnant women lack vitamin B12, newborns may suffer from anemia, other vitamins are insufficient, and the fetus will be adversely affected.

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