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Supplementing essential vitamins is not a lot of good

Vitamin capsules are actually synthesized from vitamins and trace elements. The nutrients that our body needs are not just these. There are three major nutrients in the normal diet: protein, sugar and fat. Protein is the most important substance to maintain various physiological functions of the human body(sugarbearhair wholesale). The metabolism of the cells, the growth of the body, the repair of wounds, and the renewal of tissues all depend on proteins. Reducing the diet, just by taking vitamins, will cause the protein to be lost. In the long run, it will cause unimaginable consequences.

The role of a certain amount of sugar and fat in the body can not be ignored, such as providing energy, maintaining heat, supporting various organs in the body. Losing weight does not mean completely rejecting sugar and fat(sugarbearhair vegan). In addition, there are plant fibers that can block direct contact between bacteria, toxins and the intestinal wall, and can block the absorption of excess fat and sugar.

Although vitamins and trace elements are essential for the human body, in normal normal diets, we have been able to obtain the right amount of vitamins and emblems without having to supplement them with capsules. Long-term overdose of vitamins can cause cumulative poisoning. Excessive vitamin A can cause bone pain, severe headache(sugarbearhair cheap), squamous dermatitis, hepatosplenomegaly, nausea and diarrhea; taking large doses of vitamin E can reduce the absorption of vitamins A and K, causing vision loss or bleeding, causing endocrine Disorders, sexual dysfunction, increased menstruation or amenorrhea, etc.; taking too much vitamin C may reduce fertility.

Obesity can be divided into physiological obesity and pathological obesity. The best way to lose weight in physiological obesity is to combine exercise and rationally adjust the diet(sugarbearhair promo). In the diet, the intake of fat, starch and sugar can be appropriately reduced(sugarbearhair cheap), while ensuring a certain supply of protein, water and cellulose. Pathological obesity, in the adjustment of diet structure, at the same time to find the symptoms of obesity, with certain drugs and other treatments.

Vitamins are important substances that maintain and regulate the body's normal metabolism. Vitamins are also medicines, "is a three-point drug." Excessive vitamins are harmful to your health. Vitamins are essential organic compounds in the body's metabolic processes. The human body is like an extremely complex chemical plant(sugarbearhair wholesale price), which is constantly undergoing various biochemical reactions. Its reaction is closely related to the catalytic action of enzymes. Enzymes must be active, and coenzymes must be involved. Many vitamins are known to be components of coenzymes. .

Therefore, vitamins are important substances for maintaining and regulating the normal metabolism of the body. Vitamins are a huge family. There are dozens of vitamins known at present, and they are all in the body in the form of "biologically active substances". Vitamins can be broadly classified into two categories(sugarbearhair women's multi): fat-soluble and water-soluble. The former includes vitamins a, d, e, and k, and the latter includes vitamin B and vitamin C and many "vitamins" found in human tissues.

Although vitamins are involved in the metabolism of energy in the body, they do not contain energy, so vitamin supplementation does not lead to overnutrition and obesity. However, too much vitamins are still harmful to health. Vitamin A: Animal liver, cod liver oil, milk, eggs, fish eggs and carrots, red sweet potatoes, spinach, etc. are the most important sources of vitamin A(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). Under normal circumstances, people will not have vitamin A deficiency. Its main function is to maintain normal vision, prevent night blindness; maintain epithelial cell tissue health; promote growth and development; increase resistance to infectious diseases; prevent and treat dry eye disease.

Vitamin d: Most of the sources of human vitamin D are also derived from animal liver, egg yolk, and milk. Its main physiological function is to regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism, promote the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus in the small intestine, and is extremely important for bone formation, which promotes the body to form sound bones and teeth. Vitamin D can accumulate in the body(sugar bear hair private label), excessive intake can cause hypervitaminosis, manifested as headache, anorexia, nausea, thirst, polyuria, hypothermia, lethargy, soft tissue calcification, and even renal failure, high blood pressure, etc. . Stop taking it and gradually return to normal after a few weeks.

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