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Long-term drinking should be supplemented with multivitamins in time

In real life, every anniversary of the celebration, weddings and funerals, welcome friends, less alcohol. Those who drink, praise the wine, compare it to "Yu Liquid", "Ganlu", love the life; the person who abuses the wine, it is said to have nothing to do, that is "to cause illness(sugarbearhair wholesale), chaos injury "The body". From the perspective of nutritionists, the pros and cons of wine are caused by human beings. It is best to stop it, and not to be greedy. Moderate drinking is a good thing, plus some low-grade wines also contain vitamins and other nutrients, such as wine contains vitamin C, beer, rice wine contains B vitamins(sugar bear hair in pakistan).

However, excessive drinking and alcohol abuse can cause damage to the body and make the body lack of vitamins. Some foreign scholars have reported that alcoholics can cause night blindness, which is a typical vitamin A deficiency. Because alcohol inhibits the conversion of vitamin A into rhodopsin associated with the human eye at night, and causes vitamin A malabsorption(sugarbearhair cheap). Vitamin A metabolism disorders caused by long-term alcoholism can even cause male infertility.

Excessive drinking can also cause vitamins B1 and B. Lack of niacin, etc., causing vitamin deficiencies such as beriberi and pellagra(sugar bear hair london). In the industrial developed countries, the supply of nutrients is sufficient, but many vitamin Bs are still found, and the reason for the investigation is due to chronic alcoholism. These alcohol poisoning people have a serious deficiency of vitamin B, damage to nerve tissue, memory loss, nystagmus, and even mental disorder(sugarbearhair wholesale price). It is called "cerebral beriberi syndrome". If not treated in time, it often dies in heart failure.

For people who have been drinking too much for a long time, in order to prevent vitamin deficiency, additional supplements should be noted(sugarbearhair south africa). According to Japanese Health magazine, alcohol consumption consumes vitamin C in the body. Should be taken daily. Vick Nick, director of the Department of Nutrition at Columbia University, believes that it is beneficial for people with large doses to take a certain dose of vitamins because alcohol affects vitamins B1 and B. And absorption of zinc, iron, etc.

In some countries, people call vitamin B1 “moral vitamins”. The source of this name is also related to alcohol(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). In some countries and regions, alcohol abuse has become a serious social problem. American scientists have found that alcoholism causes damage to brain cells, paralysis of nerve tissue, and disordered thinking(sugar bear hair sale). Such people are particularly fond of troubles. Vitamin B can promote the decomposition and conversion of alcohol, and prevent the damage of brain cells of alcoholics to further deteriorate, so some people also recommend adding vitamin B1 to all alcoholic beverages.

It is precisely because vitamin B1 can treat drunkenness, alcoholic psychosis, etc(sugar bear hair dubai). through this channel, so it is called "moral vitamin." Once alcohol is broken down in the body, some of it will form fat and accumulate in the liver. This is also the main cause of fatty liver. Because fatty liver has no symptoms, it is easy for people to ignore it. Vitamin B2 is closely related to the metabolism of fat(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale), which can break down the fat produced by alcohol and prevent it from accumulating in the liver.

As long as people who drink for a long time, almost all have fatty liver. If you continue to drink alcohol every day, and the amount of alcohol you drink is enough to intoxicate, the damage to the liver is more serious(sugarbearhair uae). Fatty liver, acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer and other diseases are all no return after drinking. Vitamin B12 prevents the formation of fat and improves the functional activities of the damaged liver. In order not to deteriorate the physical condition, you must take vitamin B group before drinking(sugarbearhair women's multi), and you have to drink while you are eating dishes.

Otherwise it will seriously affect the health of the body. Because alcohol is only calories, it does not contain any vitamins or nutrients. Alcohol is broken down by the liver, which produces "acetaldehyde", a harmful substance that causes symptoms of vomiting and headache. Acetaldehyde is the culprit causing hangovers, and vitamin C reduces the activity of acetaldehyde.

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