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Multivitamins can relieve and treat headaches

Migraine is a common and frequently-occurring disease. Statistics show that 10% to 15% of people worldwide have migraine. Migraine attacks have severe headaches, sometimes vomiting frequently, which makes patients suffer(sugar bear hair wholesale), and also causes doctors to "headache". So far, there is no specific drug treatment. However, clinical studies have found that the use of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) can reduce the frequency and duration of migraine.

High doses of vitamin B2 are better than flunarizine hydrochloride, a commonly used drug for the treatment of migraine, and the adverse reactions are small and the cost is low. Vitamin B2 has this therapeutic effect because it increases the energy potential of the cell mitochondria. When using vitamin B2: to prevent migraine, it is best for moderate patients with only a few migraine headaches within a month(sugar bear hair cheap). Most patients receive the best results after 3 months of treatment.

The amount of vitamin B2 should generally be about 400 mg per day. In addition, patients can also eat more foods rich in vitamin B2, such as animal liver, heart, kidney, as well as salmon, eggs, fresh beans, green leafy vegetables and so on. As for the supplement of magnesium, the clinical use of drugs is mainly intravenous injection, patients can usually eat more magnesium-rich vegetables and fruits, such as millet, soba noodles, soybeans, mushrooms(sugar bear hair wholesale price), seaweed, longan, peanuts and so on.

For some headaches caused by colds, regardless of men, women and children, try vitamin C, make the blood vessels smooth, 200 ~ 300 mg orally per day. Or eat 4 lemons. Some people who suffer from headaches caused by environmental pollution, especially those who work in environments with severe air pollution, are more prone to headaches. The doctor recommends taking 12 mg of vitamin E or two teaspoons of sunflower oil per day(oem sugar bear hair vitamins).

With the development of medicine, there are many drugs for treating headache, such as calcium antagonists, ergotamine, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However, some vitamins can not be ignored for relieving headaches, and can be used as an auxiliary drug for the treatment of headaches. Vitamin B1 is medically known as "thiamine" and lacks it(sugar bear hair vitamins south africa). The accumulation of pyruvic acid and lactic acid in brain tissue stimulates the contraction of vascular smooth muscle and causes headache, and free thiamine can regulate the nerve conduction.

Therefore, vitamin B1 has a certain alleviation effect on blood vessels or neuropathic headaches(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). The doctor recommends that the medicinal vitamin B1 tablet be 10 mg 1 tablet, and take 3 tablets a day. Candidates with stress headaches can take vitamin B1, which can nourish nerves and relieve pain. Vitamin E is medically known as "coagulation vitamin", but because it can fight vascular smooth muscle spasm and vasomotor dysfunction, it can effectively improve headache symptoms from the surface.

Vitamin K can block the "foaming" of arterial endothelial cells and balance the metabolism of endothelial cells, thereby reducing the incidence of atherosclerosis(sugar hair bear philippines). Long-term use of vitamin E has a good preventive effect on headache caused by atherosclerosis. The medicinal vitamin E is 50 mg per pill and is used three times a day, 100 mg each time. The main sources of vitamin K are yogurt, alfalfa, egg yolk, safflower oil, soybean oil, cod liver oil, seaweed, green leafy vegetables, pig liver, broccoli, broccoli, broccoli, buckwheat and so on.

In addition, bacteria in the latter half of the human small intestine can also synthesize vitamin K(sugar bear hair women's multi). Most of the vitamin preparations sold on the market do not contain vitamin K. Because vitamin K is abundant in natural foods, deficiency is rare. The night-time family supplements B vitamins to relieve fatigue. Friends who often stay up late, should put a box of B vitamins in the family, and eat one at night before night. B vitamins can relieve fatigue and enhance human immunity.

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