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What vitamins need to be replenished during pregnancy?

According to a recent study by Mexican scientists, pregnant women who take vitamin C during pregnancy can reduce the risk they face during childbirth. In Mexico, premature rupture of fetal amniotic membrane is common in local pregnant women. However, premature rupture of the amniotic membrane often poses a risk to pregnant women(sugarbearhair women's multi). Scientists believe that vitamin C can help strengthen the amniotic membrane composed of collagen. Their research shows that pregnant women who fail to get enough vitamin C supplementation before and during pregnancy are prone to premature rupture of the membrane.

The water-soluble vitamin C remains in the human body for a short time, and the unabsorbed vitamin C is quickly excreted. During pregnancy, because fetal development takes up a lot of nutrients, vitamin C in the pregnant women and many nutrients in the plasma will decline. Experiments have shown that strengthening the vitamin supplement in the diet of pregnant women can prevent the decrease of vitamin C content in white blood cells(sugar bear hair private label). Mexican scientists conducted a three-month comparative experiment on 52 pregnant women who entered the fifth month.

Some of them take a "soothing drug" that has no effect, while others take 100 mg of vitamin C daily. Studies have shown that during pregnancy, all pregnant women's blood vitamin C content will decline. However, those taking "comfort drugs" decreased the concentration of vitamin C in white blood cells. In contrast, the concentration of vitamin C in white blood cells of pregnant women who took vitamin C increased(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale).

The experiment also showed that the incremental rate of premature rupture of amniotic membrane in pregnant women was 5% lower than that of pregnant women who did not take vitamin C(sugar bear hair vitamins australia). Therefore, scientists believe that the incremental intake of vitamin C is conducive to maintaining the nutrients stored in white blood cells, which helps prevent premature rupture of the amnion. Scientists also recommend that pregnant women not only take vitamin c pills incrementally, but also eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as oranges and broccoli. 250 grams of orange juice usually has a vitamin C content of 100 mg.

The amount of all vitamins required during pregnancy is increased. Because during pregnancy(sugarbearhair wholesale), not only the mother needs to supplement nutrients, but also the fetuses born to the mother, it also needs a lot of vitamin supplements. Even if the mother gives birth to a child, if she is breast-feeding herself, she needs more vitamin support. Among them, the amount of intake must be increased: vitamin B12, D, C, folic acid. Vitamin B1, which works synergistically with folic acid, is a vitamin commonly known as "hematopoietic".

Because they are indispensable vitamins for making red blood cells, if they are insufficient, they will cause anemia. The intake of pregnant women is 1.5 times of normal, and the vitamin B1 is 3 micrograms. Everyone knows that calcium is very important for pregnant women, but if there is not enough vitamin D to match it, calcium will not play its role. During pregnancy, the intake of vitamin D is much higher than usual(sugarbearhair cheap). The average person only needs to take about 100 international units, but pregnant women and lactating women need 400 international units.

In order to allow vitamin D to help calcium synthesis in the body, usually have to sunbathe in the sun. It was learned from white mice that if vitamin C is deficient in early pregnancy, it may lead to miscarriage, but in the later stages of pregnancy, there will be premature birth or fetal death. Therefore, a large intake of vitamin C is required during pregnancy(sugarbearhair usa). At the same time, vitamin C can also promote the synthesis of collagen, which is essential for the growth of bones and the formation of all organs.

Therefore, it is more appropriate to take 60 mg of vitamin C during pregnancy and 90 mg of vitamin C during lactation. The phenomenon of happiness in the early stages of pregnancy varies from person to person. Some people have mild symptoms(sugarbearhair wholesale price), and some people are serious enough to go to the hospital to observe. However, no matter how serious the situation is, the safety of the fetus should not be taken care of. Vitamin B6 can safely alleviate this phenomenon. The factors causing the phenomenon of hilarity are still unclear, and may be caused by the inability of the metabolism of the tryptophanic acid (a kind of amino acid) to proceed smoothly. Vitamin B6 is a vitamin that is closely related to the metabolism of amino acids.

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