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Vitamin C and Vitamin E are the guardians of the liver

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the human body and a vitamin that people are familiar with and often take(sugar bear hair cheap). High-dose application can improve humoral immunity, promote antibody formation, enhance phagocytosis of white blood cells, enhance the body's disease resistance, reduce liver steatosis, promote liver cell repair, regeneration and liver glycogen synthesis, improve metabolism, and normal liver(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins). An essential component in biochemistry, and an oxidant of cellular metabolism.

In particular, it participates in the metabolism and redox process of sugar, can promote tissue to produce interstitial cells, stimulate hematopoietic system, strengthen hematopoietic function, promote the absorption of vitamin B: and iron in the intestine, and reduce blood lipids, treat fatty liver, increase the pair The resistance of infection and the role of antihistamines(sugar bear hair wholesale). In animal experiments and clinical practice, vitamin C was also found to improve the function of the adrenal cortex.

In the body under various stress conditions, a large amount of vitamin C supplementation and other drugs can make the disease turn to safety as soon as possible(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins). Therefore, vitamin C is the guardian of the liver. Letting hepatitis patients eat more fresh fruits and vegetables is an important way to get vitamin C oxidase. The food source of vitamin C is vegetables and fruits(sugar bear hair women's multi). For example, dark vegetables and cauliflower such as green vegetables, leeks, spinach, and bell peppers, as well as fruits such as cherries, strawberries, kiwi, citrus, red fruits, and grapefruit have higher vitamin C content.

Vitamin C can participate in many biochemical reactions in the human body. It can directly improve liver function and promote metabolism. Wild leek, alfalfa, thorn pear, sea buckthorn, kiwi, jujube and so on are especially rich in content. However, it should be noted that the vegetables should be washed first and then cut, cut into pots as soon as possible(sugar bear hair wholesale price), and also stir-fried quickly. When fried, add some broth or starch to make the color and fragrance beautiful, and have a stabilizing effect on vitamin C in vegetables. .

Vitamin E is a basic nutrient and has many functions: it is a strong antioxidant(cheap sugar bear hair vitamins), it has the function of stabilizing cell membrane lipids, can reduce or prevent the oxidation reaction of unsaturated fatty acids; increase the utilization of vitamin A; inhibit the production of prostaglandins It stimulates the metabolism of steroids; it also helps maintain the structure and function of the nerves(oem sugar bear hair vitamins), increases glycogen storage, increases coenzyme A, adenosine diphosphate in the liver, promotes the synthesis of nuclear proteins by amino acids, and has anti-fatty liver And prevent liver necrosis.

It can protect tissues such as liver cells and myocardium from chemical poisons(buy sugar bear hair vitamins). Many people buy a lot of vitamin E at random, so that they can achieve liver protection. In fact, because of the oleaginous vitamin E, it is easy to accumulate in the human body. If there is no proper metabolism, it will cause liver toxicity, but it will not be worth the candle(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). If you want to protect your liver, eat more healthy and nutritious vitamin E food.

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