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Symptoms and treatment caused by vitamin C deficiency

The lack of vitamin C is related to the treatment of scurvy, and the typical symptom of vitamin C deficiency is scurvy. When vitamin C is deficient, patients may feel weak, tired, short of breath, and slow wound healing(sugar bear hair wholesale). This is followed by swollen gums and bleeding, which can cause at least mild infections, an unpleasant smell when breathing, and sometimes loose or loose teeth. Many secretory functions such as lacrimal gland and salivary gland function, skin gland function loss. Another early symptom of scurvy is mild bleeding (purple spots).

It appears around the hair follicles of the abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs. As the disease progresses, these purple spots merge into larger subcutaneous hemorrhage areas or bruises and bruises. Mucosa, joints, etc. may also bleed. Patients often experience severe pain in bones, joints and muscles at this stage(sugar bear hair cheap). The long-term severe deficiency of vitamin C finally causes muscle and myocardial decline, major bleeding, heart failure, and patient death. In the massive maritime activities of the 16th to 19th centuries, many British sailors died of scurvy.

At that time, people did not know that scurvy was caused by the lack of vitamin C in the diet(sugar bear hair lazada). It was only gradually realized from practice that as long as fresh fruits and vegetables were added, the number of bad blood cases of the crew would be reduced. As a result, the British Department of the Navy and the Ministry of Trade have adopted the advice of doctors, ordering seafarers and seafarers to take lemon or citrus juice daily(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Since then, scurvy has disappeared in the middle of the sailors. Since then, the British sailors and sailors have won the nicknames of "lime", "lime juice" and "lemon man".

Now people know of course that these fruits are rich in vitamin C and save the lives of sailors(sugar bear hair vitamins philippines). The initial signs of scurvy in infants may differ from those of adults because they require vitamin C to maintain growth. When a baby is deficient in vitamin C, early performance may be slow growth, excitement, loss of appetite, and contraction when someone else wants to touch because of a painful premonition(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Soon, the baby may take a "frog leg" posture (sitting on the back, the thighs are separated to the sides, and the legs are flexed at the knees), and the bones may be deformed.

Sometimes, the patient may expel blood or hematuria, and the eyelids will change color(sugarbearhair where to buy). Due to the multi-faceted nature of vitamin C in the body, in the absence of vitamin C, the symptoms are complex and complex. For example, in the absence of vitamin C, the body's disease resistance is reduced, it is easy to infect the disease, the trauma is not easy to heal, and the severe old wounds will turn red and crack(sugar bear hair women's multi). Lack of vitamin C causes the body to reduce iron absorption, folic acid utilization and other efficiency, bone marrow atrophy, decreased blood production, leading to anemia.

The fresh fruit is stored in the refrigerator, and the temperature of the refrigerator is 0 ° C ~ 10 ° C, which can maintain the quality and flavor of the fruit, so that the preservation period of the fruit is prolonged(sugar bear hair for hair loss). But not all fresh fruit is suitable for refrigerated, while frozen fruit should also be noted for its cold storage period. For example, the optimal storage temperature of banana is 13.3 ° C ~ 14.4 ° C, the temperature is too low will produce 4(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). low temperature disease. The incense coke will turn black; after the two melons are cut open, it will be refrigerated for a long time. The surface of the solitary scoop will form a film, and the air-conditioning will be The melon is absorbed.

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