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What are the symptoms of excessive vitamin C?

In the past, people thought that vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, easy to absorb, easy to discharge, more good, and no side effects. Long-term research practice has shown that the idea of more good is wrong, and taking too much vitamin C can also cause harm to the body(sugarbearhair women's multi). There have been many reports about the harm caused by excessive consumption of vitamin C. For example: nausea, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, excessive iron absorption, red cell destruction, increased bone mineral metabolism, hinder anticoagulant therapy, inactivate vitamin B1, and increase plasma cholesterol.

A study has shown that large amounts of vitamin C may cause kidney and bladder stones to form(sugar bear hair vitamins italia). Take 4 grams of vitamin C daily, after 1 week, the urinary acid excretion increased by more than 40% in 24 hours; the daily consumption of 8 grams of vitamin C increased the oxalic acid excretion by 160%. After the concentration of oxalic acid in the urine is increased, it is easy to combine with calcium in the urine to form calcium oxalate stone(sugar bear hair private label). The greater the amount of vitamin C taken, the longer the time and the greater the likelihood of stones. Large doses of vitamin C can make the body dependent, and small doses no longer meet nutritional requirements.

After the mother uses a large amount of vitamin C, an enzyme system that accelerates the decomposition of vitamin C is formed in both the mother and the fetus, so that the offspring are susceptible to scurvy. It has also been suggested that women who have used vitamin C for more than 2 grams per day will reduce their fertility(sugarbearhair wholesale). If the baby uses vitamin C for a long time, it may cause fatigue, insomnia, edema, indigestion and thrombocytosis. Excessive consumption of vitamin C in patients with peptic ulcer can exacerbate the original symptoms and even cause upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

It has been observed that allergic reactions caused by vitamin C in the clinic include rash, urticaria, bronchial asthma, gastrointestinal reactions, hyperuricemia, hyponatremia, and even anaphylactic shock. If you take more than 5 grams a day, it will reduce the phagocytic capacity of white blood cells, which can cause hemolysis, which is fatal(sugarbearhair cheap). In addition, long-term use of vitamin C in large quantities will increase the amount of vitamin B in the body, affect the absorption of copper and zinc, and also interfere with a number of clinical biochemical tests, thus affecting the doctor's correct diagnosis of the disease.

Fruits and vegetables are prone to loss of vitamins and minerals during storage and processing, and vitamin C is the most vulnerable to loss. Therefore, when storing fruits, you should choose the fruits of the season, what are the seasonal fruits? That is, fresh fruits that are harvested in the season and not stored for a long time(sugarbearhair wholesale price). Fruits and vegetables are still a living organism after harvesting. They have high water content, rich nutrients, poor tissue protection, and are susceptible to mechanical damage and microbial infestation. Fruits and vegetables are perishable commodities.

At this point, it continues to carry out life activities, consuming its own various substances and evaporating water. Respiration is an important form of life activity, which directly affects the rate of deterioration of fruit and vegetable freshness and quality(sugar bear hair italia). The respiration intensity of fruits and vegetables is related to its internal factors (including variety, quality, maturity, etc.) and external environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, gas composition, etc.). Storage and preservation of fruits and vegetables is based on the characteristics of the life activities of different varieties of fruits and vegetables(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale), taking corresponding measures to change the external environmental conditions and control the influence of external conditions on it.

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