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Insufficient body vitamins can be supplemented with vegetable juice

In the absence of vitamin A, it can cause dry skin, respiratory infections, dry eyes, photophobia, tears, blurred vision and other symptoms. Lack of vitamin b1 can cause indigestion, sometimes causing numbness in the hands and feet and polyneuritis and beriberi(sugar bear hair wholesale). Lack of vitamin b2, prone to bad breath, insomnia, headache, mental fatigue, skin "oil", increased dandruff. In the absence of vitamin B6, muscle spasm and trauma will not heal. Pregnant women who lack vitamin B6 will be overly nausea and vomiting. Lack of vitamin b12 can lead to pale skin, yellow hair, lack of energy, loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Lack of vitamin C(blue sugar bear hair), it will lead to purple gum swelling and easy bleeding, eye mask, skin bleeding, wounds are not easy to heal, can not adapt to environmental changes, easy to catch a cold. In the absence of vitamin D, the head will sweat more, children may suffer from rickets, and adults may get bone softening. In the absence of vitamin e, symptoms such as weakness of the limbs, easy sweating, dry skin, split ends, and dysmenorrhea in women may occur(sugar bear hair cheap). Therefore, a kind of vegetables and fruits that can be "drinked" on the market, "fruit and vegetable juice" came into being. At present, Americans consume 45 kilograms of fruit and vegetable juices per year, 16 to 19 kilograms in some Asian countries, and the annual per capita consumption is only 1 kilogram, which is 1/40 of that of developed countries.

Fresh vegetable juice is the most nutritious: fresh fruits and vegetables are squeezed into juice, and the loss of nutrients is less than that of cooking, which is more nutritious(sugar bear hair label). Health does not rely on nutrients, a reasonable diet can get the body's needs. Professor Hong Zhaoguang, a well-known health education expert, summed up the reasonable diet as “one two three four five”, which means a bag of milk every day, 250 grams of carbohydrates(sugar bear hair wholesale price), three points high protein, four sentences (there are fine and fine, no Sweet and not salty, three or four five, seven or eight full), five hundred grams of vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits are under-consumed, and vegetables and fruits are responsible for providing vitamins and minerals. Because the nutrient content is extremely small, and there will be partial loss in the cooking process, more than 500 grams of vegetables and fruits per day, that is, a pound of melon and fruit, can only provide the most basic demand for vitamins(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). However, due to the accelerated pace of life, it is difficult for people to get the vitamin intake from the table. According to a survey by the Institute of Nutrition and Health of the China Academy of Preventive Medicine, 55% of people lack vitamin A, Qinghai is up to 65%, and 50% lack vitamin B2.

The juice mixed with juice and vegetable juice can make many people who don't like vegetables become consumers of this mixed juice. The mixed juice does not contain the bitter taste associated with vegetable juice, but provides vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc., which are indispensable in the daily diet, and has high nutritional value and health care function(sugar bear hair women's multi). The person in charge of the company said that they cooperated with the National Vegetable Technology Research Center to adopt high-tech technologies such as breaking the cell wall, molecular embedding and ultra-fine micro-analysis of carrots and other vegetables and fruits.

It not only preserves the nutrition of the vegetables, but also maintains the taste of the fruit and makes the body easy to absorb(get sugar bear hair vitamins). Choosing the best time to drink: Nutrition experts say that it is a good time to drink fruit and vegetable juice in the morning, between meals or half an hour before going to bed, which can reduce hunger, promote gastrointestinal motility, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). Every 100ml of fruit and vegetable juice contains vitamin A up to 300ug, vitamin c40000ug, and drink 320ml of fruit and vegetable juice between meals to meet the needs of the human body for vitamin A and vitamin C.

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