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Athletes need an appropriate amount of vitamin supplements

When athletes are training and playing, their physical exertion is far greater than that of manual workers, and the level of nervousness is also higher than that of ordinary mental workers(sugar bear hair wholesale). The metabolic processes in their bodies are enhanced, and the nutritional conditions are required to change accordingly, and the vitamin requirements are also changed. Athletes' lack of vitamins is less tolerable than the average person, which is determined by the specificity of their physical and mental activities.

In particular, strenuous exercise can cause vitamin deficiency to occur in advance or worsen symptoms, resulting in low exercise capacity, decreased immunity, fatigue, and a marked decline in competition performance. Therefore, the rational use of vitamins is more important to them(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Exercise exacerbates heat energy consumption, active hormone and enzymatic reactions, accumulation of acidic metabolites, and a significant increase in the need for water-soluble vitamins. Studies have shown that after a short period of exercise, the blood vitamin C content increases, but the content immediately decreases after a long period of load.

When the athlete's vitamin C is malnourished, the phagocytic function of the white blood cells will also decrease. If vitamin B is supplied adequately, it can promote the synthesis of creatine phosphate and glycogen in muscle, accelerate the elimination of blood lactic acid and pyruvate after exercise, and improve endurance(sugar bear hair cheap). On the other hand, if vitamin B is absent, lactic acid and pyruvic acid will accumulate in the blood, which will make the body easy to fatigue, and may cause the activity of lactate dehydrogenase and glyoxalase to decrease, thereby affecting the function of the heart.

Vitamin B2 is a coenzyme that constitutes a variety of respiratory enzymes, and is involved in redox reactions and cellular respiration in the body. When athletes lack B2, their muscles are weak, their durability is damaged, and they are prone to fatigue(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). The right amount of vitamins can increase your athletic ability and give you more potential in the game. According to the data, in the case of extreme intensity or intensity exercise, the vitamin C requirement of athletes is about 5 times that of general manual workers, and vitamin B1 is twice.

When exercising continuously, vitamin C should be doubled, vitamin B1 is 3.3 times, vitamin B2 is also increased by 2 times, and niacin requirement is also increased. For some special sports, there are special requirements for the supply of vitamins. If it is higher than the average project, to ensure that there is still a keen eye in the intense vision activities(sugarbearhair women's multi). Vitamin E has the function of increasing muscle strength, promoting protein synthesis and preventing muscle atrophy. Athletes should pay attention to adequate supply in the diet.

In addition, for long-term durability sports such as marathons, bicycles, long-distance running, long-distance swimming, etc., athletes consume particularly high heat and sweat(sugar bear hair private label). In addition to supplying foods rich in protein, fat, iron, phosphate, etc., it also needs to supplement B vitamins and vitamin C to promote the elimination of fatigue. The study also found that athletes' time and method of vitamin supplementation are also related to improving athletic performance.

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