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Reasonable vitamin supplements can not eat more

A new study found that taking vitamin C supplements may accelerate hardening of the arteries. The result was a big surprise, and experts said that more experiments were needed to make sure that taking large doses of vitamin supplements was harmful(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). However, they also pointed out that even if the results of the above studies have not been confirmed in vain, many health experts have already suggested that you should not take large doses of nutritional supplements and should absorb these nutrients from food.

Many people love to buy and use various nutritional supplements on their own, thinking that this will be good for health, but in fact there is no scientific evidence to prove this is true(sugarbearhair wholesale). In theory, vitamin C and other nutrients can reduce the damage of oxygen to the body organs, protect the circulatory system and other organs, but when you extract an element from food and then take it in large quantities, you don’t know that it will be a blessing to the body. It is. If he is a smoker again, the speed is increased by five times.

James Weir, a dermatologist who led the research, presented their findings at a meeting of the American Heart Association in San Diego(sugarbearhair wholesale price). He and a research associate from the University of Southern California studied 573 middle-aged men and women who appeared to be healthy at a power plant in Los Angeles, and 30% of these men and women regularly took vitamin supplements.

The results of the study did not find much harm from the intake of vitamin C or the use of large amounts of vitamin C supplements in food, but found that those who took vitamin C supplements accelerated the wall of their neck vessels(sugarbearhair cheap). In fact, the higher the dose of vitamin C supplement, the faster their blood vessel wall thickens. People who take 500 mg of vitamin C per day for at least a year have a two-and-a-half-fold increase in vessel wall thickness than those who do not take vitamin C supplements.

For example, in diet measures that reduce weight, vitamins play an important role. To prevent thirst caused by training, some beverages containing vitamins, inorganic salts, and citric acid can be used. 10 days before weight loss, you can add a variety of vitamins, so that the body has a sufficient amount of vitamins(sugarbearhair womens multi), help to maintain exercise capacity, stabilize the body's physiological metabolism, prevent fatigue and weakness. Athletes should take the effect of B vitamins or vitamin A during the competition period and should take it 10 to 14 days before the competition.

Because these vitamins need to undergo a process such as phosphorylation in the body to function. Vitamin C participates in the body reaction in its original structure and can be taken once before the game. Athletes should pay attention to their relationship when taking all kinds of vitamins. It is more appropriate to use natural foods(oem sugar bear hair vitamins). Do not use partial or excessive vitamin preparations, otherwise the vitamin balance in the body will be imbalanced.

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