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Taking vitamin C needs to follow the doctor's advice

Vail said: If it is prescribed by a doctor, it is appropriate to take vitamin C supplements, but if it is a healthy person, taking vitamins only to prevent cardiovascular disease, the Heart Association will not recommend them(sugar bear hair manufacturer). The results of this study lead us to believe that the Heart Society's recommendations are prudent. Dr. Kuman Ika of the University of Pennsylvania said the study showed that absorbing various nutrients from a balanced and healthy diet is better than taking two nutritional supplements.

In addition, Finnish researchers have seen an increase in cases of cerebral hemorrhage in people taking vitamin E tablets when conducting a cancer prevention observation experiment(sugar bear hair wholesale price). They therefore warned people that if it is not vitamin A deficiency, don't take it as a health care product. The study looked at 26,000 middle-aged smokers to see if vitamin E and carotene tablets could prevent cancer and heart disease. The answer to the experiment was no. Taking carotene tablets not only increases the incidence of cancer, but also doubles the incidence of cerebral hemorrhage. 

Vitamin E and carotene tablets were originally considered safe, but the experiment has stopped after the number of men who have taken vitamin E to die from cerebral hemorrhage has increased(cheap sugar bear hair). The researchers therefore advocate that natural foods containing vitamin E can be eaten, but if there is no special disease due to lack of vitamin E, it is best not to take vitamin tablets. The heat that is called the grain of life is placed under the heat lamp to keep warm, so if the bread is actually the case. If you go to the restaurant under the leaf, you can understand it, why do I think that vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C are in need of nutritional supplements. 

Taiwan released a new study that pointed out that eating vegans is prone to vitamin B12 deficiency, which will make the metabolism of homocysteine not smooth, plasma concentration is high, and cardiovascular disease is more likely to occur. The "egg", that is, the "milk egg", can maintain a relatively normal plasma vitamin b12 concentration(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale), in addition to avoid anemia, can also reduce cardiovascular disease, so scholars recommend eating vegetarian food is best to use milk egg white, Avoid eating vegan to maintain normal plasma vitamins and homocysteine concentrations.

Taiwan’s “DH” said that in recent years, due to concerns about the prevention of chronic diseases, in addition to religious reasons, in order to prevent chronic diseases, the vegetarian population on the island has gradually increased. To understand the nutritional status of vegetarian food, the “DH” commissioned the National Taiwan University Hospital to conduct “ The analysis of the risk factors of vascular sclerosis in vegetarians showed that the total cholesterol and 1d1-cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the blood of vegetarians were lower than those in the omnivorous group(sugarbearhair womens multi), but the vitamin b12 intake of vegans was 18 times less than that of omnivores. Instead, it can induce cardiovascular disease.

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