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Milk eggs are vegetarians that are consistent with the principle of balanced nutrition

Moreover, vegetarians are lighter in weight, lower in blood pressure, and lower in plasma cholesterol than omnivores, which is conducive to the prevention of chronic diseases, but vitamin b12 is often insufficient(sugar bear hair women's multi). The study was conducted by a group of long-term vegetarians and 107 omnivores who lived in Hualien City and Taipei City for a total of 109 years old, aged 30 to 45, who had been eating for eight years. The body mass index and blood pressure of the group were lower than those of the omnivorous group, and the plasma group had lower plasma total cholesterol and low-density cholesterol.

It shows that the long-term vegetarians have a lower risk factor for cardiovascular disease caused by hardening of the arteries than those of the same age group(sugar bear hair private label). However, further studies have found that homocysteine in the plasma of vegetarians is significantly higher than that of omnivores, while vitamin b12 is significantly lower, mainly because vegetarians lack vitamin b12, making the metabolism of homocysteine not smooth. Increased plasma concentrations are also more likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

General vegetarian food can be divided into vegan (only eat vegetable vegan), milk (can eat milk and its products), egg yolk (can eat eggs and its products), milk egg (can eat milk, eggs and its Products), health (try to choose plant foods, but do not rule out the consumption of a small amount of fish, meat and dairy products), because vegetarians are more likely to lack vitamin b12(sugar bear hair wholesale), and eggs are rich in vitamin b12, research suggests milk egg whites It is a vegetarian diet that is more in line with the principle of nutritional balance.

Huang Bochao, a professor of biochemistry at the National Taiwan University School of Medicine, pointed out that in addition to vitamin B12, eggs contain a lot of iron. If vegetarians consume an appropriate amount of eggs, they can maintain normal plasma levels of vitamin B12 and homocysteine(sugar bear hair cheap). Risk factors for vascular disease can also avoid anemia. Huang Bochao said that if vegetarians are still growing children, the protein content and protein quality of vegan are slightly worse, vitamin B12 is lacking, and calcium and iron are also insufficient.

It is recommended to take milk egg yolk and at least milk, and the milk intake is a little more, in order to have normal growth and development, and the eggs should be cooked, because the raw eggs, especially the white eggs, have a low protein absorption rate. Does multi-eating eggs cause high cholesterol(sugar bear hair wholesale price)? Huang Bochao pointed out that one egg yolk cholesterol is 250 mg, and the recommended cholesterol intake for adults is 300 mg a day. Therefore, one egg per day does not increase cholesterol.

Huang Bochao believes that vegetarians eat more vegetable protein, the quality of protein is poor, because eating vegans because they do not eat milk egg whites, not only cause vitamin b12 deficiency(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale), calcium and iron content is small, so as long as vegetarians eat an egg yolk a day , can make up for the deficiency of vitamin b12 and reduce the concentration of homocysteine, reduce cardiovascular disease factors and avoid anemia.

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