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Some misunderstandings about vitamins

In order to sustain the continuation of life, we must take vitamins from natural foods or nutritional supplements. When you hear "vitamins," most people think of "tablets," and confuse "tablets" with drugs prescribed by doctors(sugarbearhair wholesale). Although vitamins and drugs sometimes have the same effect, they are actually different concepts. The concept of vitamins is simple, the organic matter necessary for life. Vitamins are indispensable for the normal functioning of human body functions. 

Except for a very small number of vitamins, vitamins cannot be produced and synthesized in the human body. Vitamins are indispensable for human growth, physical strength and health. Vitamins that exist in their natural state are only present in trace amounts in natural foods. We need to take vitamins from natural foods or nutritional supplements(sugarbearhair cheap). One thing you must keep in mind is that any form of nutritional supplement, including tablets, capsules, liquids, powders or even injections, is only one type of food.

During this period, the consumption of nutrients is especially increased, and vitamins are no exception. Nutritional supplements are available from plants or animals unless artificially synthesized. Without all these basic vitamins, the continuation of life is simply impossible. Vitamins are not refreshing drugs, and many people think that vitamins can replace food as a food substitute(sugarbearhair wholesale price). There are many misconceptions about vitamins, and I very much hope that I can use this book to correct these mistakes.

The exam is a highly stressful activity in which students' energy and physical strength are greatly consumed. Vitamins are not refreshing pills. Vitamins themselves do not contain calories and do not contain any substances that produce energy. Vitamins are not a substitute for protein or other nutrients - minerals, fats, carbohydrates, water(sugarbearhair women's multi). The same vitamins, but also because of the different types can not replace each other. Vitamins themselves are not an element of our body tissues. It is impossible to get healthy if you only take vitamins instead of food.

This is the wrong concept. Instead, we only rely on food for vitamins. Then, which vitamins should pay special attention to supplement? The relevant researchers in our country made an observation on the students of the high school graduating class(sugarbearhair vitamins wholesale). They divide the examination period into three stages, namely, one month before the test (for the quiet period), one day before the test (for the stress period), and one week after the test (for the recovery period), during which the students take the enzyme nutrients. Basically consistent.

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