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Spring needs to pay attention to vitamin A supplementation

Observations showed that the discharge of water-soluble vitamins B1, B2 and C in the urine decreased significantly during the stress period compared with the quiet period(sugar bear hair manufacturer). Excess water-soluble vitamins in the body are mostly discharged from the urine, and the amount of discharge is reduced, indicating an increase in consumption. Some foreign scholars have observed the vitamin consumption of pilots, and found that when they were in a state of nervousness on the flight day, their vitamins B1, B2, and B. Consumption such as niacin and vitamin c increased over the rest day.

Water-soluble vitamins, especially B vitamins, mainly participate in the metabolism of the body as a coenzyme. When the body is in a state of tension, the metabolism is intensified, especially in the examination stage, the brain cells are strengthened in metabolism, and the nerves are mobilized, which further exacerbates the consumption of vitamins(sugar bear hair wholesale price). Therefore, during this period, students should pay more attention to the intake of rich B vitamins and vitamin C (these are water-soluble vitamins). Studies have shown that after timely supplementation of water-soluble vitamins, it has a significant effect on eliminating mental stress and nerve fatigue.

The spring climate is changeable, warm and cold, and the human body can not adapt to this change, it will have a great impact on human health, especially the direct defense of the respiratory mucosa's defense function, the body's disease resistance will also decline, bacteria Viruses, etc(cheap sugar bear hair). will take advantage of the situation, especially for children with weak constitution. According to relevant information, the lack of vitamin A in children is a major cause of respiratory diseases. Lack of vitamin a: night blindness, keratitis. Foods rich in vitamin A: milk, eggs, carrots, vegetable leaves, fish oil, etc.

Experts from the nutrition department of the Capital Institute of Pediatrics stressed that children with vitamin A deficiency can easily cause respiratory and digestive tract infections. Once a cold or diarrhea occurs, the level of vitamin A in the body will decrease further. In general, you can get enough vitamin A from food(sugarbearhair womens multi). There are two ways to get vitamin A. One is animal foods such as animal liver, kidney, cream and egg yolk. The other is plant foods such as spinach, pea sprouts and carrots. , pumpkins, etc.

Vitamin A deficiency, in addition to food intake, can also take vitamin A preparations under the guidance of a physician, including cod liver oil, concentrated cod liver oil, vitamin ad capsules, concentrated vitamin ad capsules. Lack of vitamin E: infertility, muscle malnutrition; foods rich in vitamin E: vegetable oil, milk, eggs and meat(sugar bear hair vitamins wholesale). Lack of vitamin K: hemophilia; foods rich in vitamin K: fresh vegetables. Lack of vitamin d: rickets, rickets; foods rich in vitamin d: fish oil.

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